1. Artedreage

    Artedreage Skylake Build

    Artedreage Skylake Build Asus Z170-A | Intel Core i7-6700 | Gigabyte GTX 960 4GB About This Mac 10.13.3 by Artedreage posted Feb 27, 2018 at 10:06 AM Contents Preface Build Components Peripherals Comments Installation Preparation BIOS settings Installing Post installation MultiBeast Clover...
  2. alidarkstone

    6700K Skylake - Asus Maximus VIII Gene Z170 Build Dual Boot worked - Config.plist need

    Hi everyone, CPU : 6700K stock clocks MB. : Asus Maximus VIII Gene Z170 (usb 3.0 ports not working) Ram: Kingston HYPERX Fury 32GB DDR4 2666mhz Disk : Samsung 960 Evo 250GB NVME SSD (maybe add more performance add custom patch screenshot below attachment) IGPU : Intel HD530 Integrated GPU GPU ...
  3. friskfrugt

    Boot drive N/A

    Hi I bought a new HDD and installed it. Now when booting my MacOS boot drive is gone. Doesn't show up in UEFI Doesn't show up booting with clover USB Doesn't show up in disk utility or Windows disk management. My MacOS Boot drive is an Intel 600p NVMe originally installed with...
  4. dasmoothkidd

    Need Help Installation Stops at Apple Logo

    I Build a successful Hackintosh before but i am encountering problems this time around. Gigabyte z170 gaming ultra, Kabylake 7700k i7, 1x16 gb of ballistix sport memory, on board GPU no external graphics card. i believe the problem is with me having a kabylake cpu. I have herd many people on...
  5. nc333

    [Solved] Sierra with unibeast on MSI Mortar Z170m, I7 6700K, HD530, Stuck on instal

    Hi, I'm French so sorry for my poor english, I'm trying to make a hackintosh on my actual PC based on MSI Mortar Z170M I7 6700K HD530 of the I7 250Gb SSD for system 1tb secondary hard disk And, a Pcie firewire card, but i take it off for the installation I use a Sandisk 32gb USB3.0 Stick The...
  6. petercaviareater

    Z170 buying advice

    Good evening everyone, This is my first post here, please be gentle ;) I have read many topics here and I've managed to figure out that Z170 mobo is all I need to turn my pc into hackintosh. I came across few successful builds based on Asus Z170 Pro and I lean to this one. As I own MacBook Pro...
  7. Gilleyes

    So close...but still getting random crashes after boot. Feel like screaming.

    So Im a few weeks deep with this build. I initially thought the parts I bought would make it easier but that doesn't seem to have been the case. Im pretty much only building it for FCPX but would obviously like as much functionality as possible. I originally installed Sierra 10.12.5 using...
  8. dealova

    Intel 7th with Z170 ?

    Any idea if Kaby Lake CPU will work with Z170 Motherboard ? Thanks.
  9. Jovie918

    Z170 build...El Capitan

    I generally just tend to search on here for people with similar hardware and just mimic what they have done to get this system up and running. Is it safe to assume SOMEONE using same processor and mobo but running a different newer version of OS X can give me the same results if i follow what...
  10. Jovie918

    SO LOST!

    Alright so I'd assume I'd get some typical responses..."Look it up this topic has been covered a bunch of times." BUT...I'd really appreciate some advice pertaining to my given setup. Here's my build: i7-6700 AsRock Z170 Pro 4 Crucial Ballistix Sport 16 GB Crucial 275 SSD Asus Strix Radeon...
  11. faxu189

    [SOLVED] 10.12.6 Not updated after restart

    Hi Guys! I want to update my macOS Sierra 10.12.3 to 10.12.6 because I can't found the way to get recognized my GPU, I try using rehabman kexts, changing config.plist, and it doesn't work :( then, I try to do this update, because this version support KabyLake Cpu's, I have downloaded the...
  12. watkinrt

    Sierra build on Gigabyte Z170-HD with Gigabyte GTX 1050

    This is my first Hackintosh build and I'm struggling to get a stable installation of OSX Sierra. My hardware was chosen according to the CustoMac Budget ATX build guide and is as follows: Mobo: Gigabyte Z170-HD3 CPU: Intel i5-6600 GPU: Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 Memory: 2x 8 GB Crucial DDR4 2133...
  13. sasssaaan

    Sierra does not start when eject usb

    I have 2 problems, First: I install sierra on my machine Skylake 6700K and GA Z170 , it loads ok and when I restart it is ok but when I plug out the flash containting os next I click on HFS drive it does not load completly and black . screen appears several time I hit enter and it sounds but...
  14. csonka.alex

    CustoMac Mini Deluxe i3-7100 Guide

    Bitfenix Neos BFC-NEO-100-KKWKA-RP Corsair 550W CS550M CP-9020076-EU Crucial 8GB DDR4 2133MHz CT8G4DFS8213 Gigabyte GA-Z170N-WIFI Intel Core i3-7100 BX80677I37100 Seagate 1TB SATA3 64MB Barracuda Wifi not working. Create USB installer: See Unibeast process. Post install: 1. Replace your HDD...
  15. Arstidir

    Is Asus Z170m Plus fully compatible?

    hey. I looked at the buyers Guide here and decided to buy an Asus Z170m Plus motherboard for my new build. The Asus Z170m Plus is in the buyers Guide, so i thougt it should work without any problems. But here for example, i read that the motherboard does not work well with two OS and Video...
  16. pete6320

    ASUS Z170-AR | i7-6700K - SKYLAKE | GTX1080Ti BUILD

    pete6320's Build: ASUS Z170-AR - i7-6700K - GTX 1080 Ti https://www.tonymacx86.com/attachments/hackintoshpic10-jpeg.265401/ https://cdn.pcpartpicker.com/static/forever/images/userbuild/201853.69ee7e444f37e136c3e8fb1b43aa10db.1600.jpg CONTENTS Components Comments Disclaimers The Build...
  17. juliancali

    [Solved] Stuck at apple logo after multibeast install

    Hi, i have recently build a pc (ga z170x ud5 and i7 6700). I have installed osx sierra, but after install multibeast it get stuck at apple logo. I have attached the image of that show when i run the "-v" flag PD: excuse me m badly englidh speaking
  18. psych107

    [Solved] Issues with Google Chrome and Spotify

    I have Sierra up and running on my Asus Z170 Pro Gaming mobo. i7 6700k. EVGA GeForce 1060. However, I am running into issues with Chrome and Spotify. These are two vital pieces of my everyday workflow, so I'd like to get them working. When I open the Spotify app I simply see a black screen...
  19. deseven

    [Solved] AsRock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming-ITX/ac

    Hi guys. So i decided to go for a hackintosh. As a complete noob, i chose this MoBo from buyers guide and followed default installation guide for Sierra. I planned to use my hackintosh with internal GPU and HDMI/DP connection. Installation went fine, but everything stopped working after...
  20. titust1

    Can't load NVIDIA drivers on Sierra 10.12.5

    Hi guys, My installation worked just fine with the exception of the NVIDIA driver. What I have: MTB: Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD5 TH / 100 series chip-set (listed as supported) installed with MacOS Sierra 10.12.5 Graphics: MSI GTX 1080 Pascal (supported) with Driver: 378.05.05.15f01 (recommended by...