1. pmenezes

    MacOS Mojave on Lenovo G580 i3-3120M @ 2.50GHz

    Hi everyone, I want to start by thanking the developers for their amazing work here. I have Lenovo G580 with Intel i3-3120M CPU - 16 GB RAM - Intel HD 4000. I would love to install MacOS Mojave on this but I'm a bit worried about the compatibility. At present I have Windows 8.1 installed on...
  2. ryouitou

    Youtube play issue with

    I really donno how to define the category of this issue. First I'd like you to play this youtube video. It only happened on playing Youtube Video Does anyone get any similar issue?
  3. Farbe

    UHD630 / i7 8700k Youtube/Netflix Problems

    Hey guys, Setup: CPU: i7 8700k MB: Z370 d3h (Gigabyte) Ram: 32Gb 3200mhz (4 Dims) HDD: M.2 512GB Samsung 970 Pro GPU: UHD630 (Connectorless Platform ID) and Nvidia GTX 970 (Monitors Connected 1x HDMI (4k/60) 1xDVI(1080/60)) OS: 10.13.6 (without supplemental Updates) iMac 18.3 Working: Audio...
  4. Telchaar

    Sound cutting out, looking for a fix.

    Hey all, I am running off a Z170XP-SLI motherboard. I am consistently having an issue with my sound cutting out under a couple of very specific circumstances. The two criteria are that I have just recently woken up my computer from sleep mode (though not always the case) and I try to play a...
  5. Szefo09

    Full Freezes on High Sierra when launching Youtube video.

    Hi, I am experiencing full Mac freezes when trying to watch youtube, at the beginning of a video. Have to hard reboot from that state. I am adding my config.plist. I assume it's connected to AppleALC and Lilu kexts, but I can't find any working configuration. I am still fighting with the OS to...
  6. 877

    Ebay usb drives / youtube images legal / allowed?

    As per title, I have seen several high sierra usb sticks on ebay. Also seen a video on youtube which includes a download link to an image to be extracted directly to usb. I myself have already purchased a legit copy of Snow Leopard 10.6.3 DVD, just wondering if the above are a shortcut to...
  7. Falxo

    GTX 980 Causing Random Freezes and Reboots

    Hello, As the title suggests, my computer will, at random moments, completely seize up, the sound will stutter for a second or so, and then reboot. I am not an expert on these sort of stuff, but I think that's what we call a kernel panic. This started happening after I upgraded from my old GTX...
  8. ehijon

    Sierra - Random Freeze

    It worked great for 2/3 months and after it start to randomly freezing. I mean, the keyboard and mouse stop working and after 5 seconds the machine reboot itself. It happened using Premiere Pro but also simply with Chrome. Someone has any idea how to fix it? - mobo: GIGABYTE GA-Z170X-UD5 TH...
  9. pcw3d

    Random Freeze on OSX El Capitan 10.11.6

    Random Freeze will happen while using safari as a browser that being said after watching a number of youtube videos and reading forums, this apparently is a common issue with El Capitan between 10.11.2 and 10.11.4. I've had this machine for almost a year this month running El Capitan with NO...
  10. rishi44

    << Solved >> YouTube freezing on Sierra 10.12 and Google Chrome problem

    Hi Guys, I recently built a new setup with a i7 6700k, z170N gaming 5, RX 480 and got everything functioning finally. Only problem I am having is that YouTube is freezing on Safari, I cannot get any video to load and the homepage doesn't even fully load. I also cannot get Google Chrome to load...
  11. halaszroland

    Flash doesn't like my Hackintosh

    Hi today I have successfully installed OSX Mavericks on my HP DC7900 using this guide: Everything works, I have QE/Ci with Geforce 210 and my Core2Duo does it's job fine. The only problem I...
  12. Jowft

    Safari Won't Play Video on Youtube

    I have this problem and very confused. I don't believe it is hardware problem because the same video plays well with Chrome. My hardware is Dell Vostro 200 upgraded to Core 2 Duo E 8400. Graphic card is EVGA GeForce 460 GTX 1 Gb. Installed OSX Mavericks 10.9.5. I have tried many suggestions on...
  13. SCQ

    Help Please: YouTube sound distortion in Safari

    Hi. I'm experiencing sound distortion issues watching YouTube videos in Safari (8.02 - 10600.2.5) since updating to osx 10.10.1. It starts about 8 minutes in to playing a YouTube video. The sound starts to crackle intermittently, the crackles getting longer and the sound becoming more and...
  14. zeuscba

    Safari - Youtube - Yosemite 10.10.1 // Youtube Videos can´t load

    I have a problem when i reproduce videos from Youtube using Safari since update to 10.10.1. The playback no work. I have tested differents Smbios configurations but the problem persist. On Chrome everything work ok!. Any have a idea how to solve this problem?? :?: PD: Sorry my english.
  15. xeriuth

    Freezing in youtube full screen and games

    Hello Everyone, I have a pickle, sometimes randomly my hack freezes while full screen on youtube video or while playing games. It's just a random freeze stops and i have to reboot to have it working again. Did this happen to any of you, have any ideas on how to fix this it's driving me crazy...
  16. Dodex

    Video Playback Doesn't Work.

    Hello, I just finished installing 10.8.5 and I am trying to get everything working correctly. (just an FYI I have been researching and I am not trying to be lazy I just haven't found anything that has worked yet.) Next on my list is the graphics. I have to boot in safe mode as of now because it...
  17. Dingoman

    My Hackintosh stuck from time to time

    Hi all, I have a strange problem that my Hackintosh is stuck when I open youtube or any other flash content. it's not happening all the time but only from time to time. Only restart can solve the problem. any one dealt with that problem? I have mountain lion 8.5 installed Thanks...
  18. mildj84ns

    [SOLVED]YouTube videos loading lags in Safari

    I'm using Mountain Lion 10.8.4 and i have big loading lag when opening YouTube videos, the page opens instantly but the video needs at least 15 seconds to start playing, this issue only occurs in Safari, and it's really annoying, Chrome and FF are both working fine. I've tried reseting Safari...
  19. MathiasVH

    YouTube videos won't load/freezes

    [SOLVED!] YouTube videos won't load/freezes EDIT: The solution was simple. I just had to re-run MultiBeast after updating to 10.8.2. That worked! Hi guys :) I'm experiencing a weird problem with my newly built hackintosh - It's almost the only thing not working, but it's a biggie. When I try...
  20. McGonSpeed

    DVCPROHDAudio.plugin / Adobe Flash / Slow Flash video's

    Hi guys, Iv bin using ML for a while now, and everything seems to work perfectly. I use an external audio card for sound (M-Audio ProFire 610) and also installed the onboard-soundcard later on. I have problems with Youtube and streaming audio via VLC. If I check the system.log I always...