1. steve-o

    Can't boot after latest OS-X update

    Can anybody PLEASE help me? I had my Hackintosh running just fine, but then I made the mistake down install the latest OSX update. Since that moment my computer won't boot. I tried new install using the Yosemity installer, but no luck either. It installs but after booting the startup screen...
  2. oskar1971

    Hang/ crash at login screen

    Hi, I am trying and trying to get my system running but it gives me a hard time! It's my first build so i am new to this. Forgive me if i make stupide mistakes:D The install went fine now (started clean al over). When booting (from HD) screen goes black halfway boot but the progress bar...
  3. olmirror

    cuda not found gtx770

    I was hoping somebody could help me out. I have recently popped in a GTX 770 2Gb, installed the latest web drivers & cuda, in Mavericks as well as Yosemite, put in the correct parameters in the config.plist (clover) and it's recognized correctly in the system information. But according to cuda Z...
  4. steez40

    Will this work as a 10.10 hackintosh? Help me please, I am new to this.

    specs: Asus gtx 760, 2gb vram i5 4690 Gigabyte GA Z97N-WIFI These are only the only parts of concern to me, of course this is a full PC. Thanks for your help!
  5. MIcahTautkus

    Audio General Problems

    Hello everyone. I have an ASUS Sabertooth x79 board and I've installed Yosemite twice (no iMessage but now there's a sweet guide) but neither times did my audio work. I installed the same HDA driver that I've seen other people with this build use (not the Voodoo ones), so where should I start...