1. Russellvg

    mavericks on lenovo yoga 2 11

    Hey I just bought a Lenovo yoga 2 with an 11 inch screen. It has an i3 with Intel hd4200 graphics. I was wondering if anyone's made any progress on getting this laptop to work with mavericks?
  2. XiaoMo1994

    Can't get to installer/ Black screen appears after the Apple-logo

    Hey there, I am currently trying to install Mac OS X Mavericks on my Lenovo Yoga 13 (Windows 8.1, additional information is my profile). However, I can't get to the installer because the screen is turning black right after the Apple-logo appears. I used the boot flag -v afterwards and took a...
  3. yoyoyoyo1

    Dual boot on Lenovo Yoga 13

    I am stuck on the stop after booting form the usb drive. My screen goes either black or gets stuck on the apple loading screen depending on what commands I put in. I tried the commands in the guide and I can't get the os to install. 256GB SSD 4GB RAM Windows 8.1. I would appreciate advice on how...