1. sialia

    Verbose boot log location

    I have an Xserve on which I have installed DosDude1’s macOS Catalina Patcher. My Xserve now crashes during boot. When using verbose booting it shows all sorts of information, some of which possibly relevant to troubleshooting that crash. I gather that analyzing the boot log is a staple on you...
  2. aaantonis

    [Completed] Xserve 1,1 case mod, the "xDellver"

    Hi there everyone, A few weeks ago I answered a local Craigslist ad about an Xserve with dual "550 series Xeons", for 150 euro. I immediately thought that it had to be a 3,1 Xserve and that they probably meant 5500 Nehalem Xeons, that can be officially be upgraded to El Capitan, and the guy...
  3. Adamcarter

    Making the XRaid Great again! Ultimate Modification.

    Hello Folks, Almost a year ago. I read a forum post on another website of of a guy named xxredxpandaxx modding an old apple XRAID. Essentially Gutting the unit and painstakingly soldering sata through the mother board to allows the caddies to hold SATA drives. It was a great idea and it got me...
  4. HungrySoutherner

    Xserve Raid to JBOD/NAS Full Stock

    Ok so many have tried....few have succeeded but I think I have a good plan in place and am off to a good start. The plan is to convert an Xserve Raid to be used as a JBOD/ SAS expander back to a NAS server or Hackintosh raid controller. This will allow me to keep the case and all of the...
  5. gethy154

    2006 Xserve+ raid

    I'm looking to upgrade my OS from 10.7.5 lion server to 10.10.5 Yosemite or higher anyone know a way? Xserve 1,1 duel 2.66 duel core Intel Xeon 5100 woodcrest 8GB 667 MHz Memory Nvidia GeForce 7300 GT 256MB Graphics card
  6. benmehart

    Hachintosh Server Help

    I have some old 2009 Apple Xserves that I have been trying to keep running with decent speed over the years. I use them for my small business and they must be running 99.9% of the year. I only reason I haven't upgraded yet is because Apple doesn't offer any computers with dual power supplies...
  7. trumptor

    Can't edit System files in El Capitan

    I'm having trouble editing my system files in El Capitan. Specifically platformsupport.plist. I went to the root of my drive an added myself with read/write privileges but i get this error all the way back the the root system file. i can't imagine why i shouldn't be able to edit these files.
  8. onemotime

    Change the default Graphics card boot order

    I recently added an EVGA Nvidia GT220 graphics card to my 2008 Xserve 2.1 running OSX Lion. I can't install Final Cut because the system has the original Radeon X1300 as the default card with only 64mb of ram. How do I get the Bios and OSX to load the Nvidia card as the primary card? Thanks for...
  9. x911

    convert xserve in a hackintosh

    Hi, I'm planning on modifying an old xserve G5 into a hackintosh, but would like to keep it working good as possible. I'm fairly confident I get the main bits up and running, but a bit uncertain at other aspects. The things I'm doubting are: Getting the HDD trays to work (incl lights)...
  10. viper2pt0

    How to find what kexts are used by an application

    Hi all, this is more a general OS X question / problem than a hackintosh one, but I figured there would be no better group to present this to. I currently have a 2008 Xserve that fully supports Lion, but not Mountain Lion. The Xserve has 2 small 8 LED arrays on the front that light up to...
  11. adamsjo

    HP ProLiant DL320 G5 Server - Xeon 3070 Processor

    I'm new to this and I have had a HP ProLiant DL320 G5 Server given to me with an Intel Xeon 3070 so I figured I would try and turn it into a mackintosh/ Xserve. First question: Is this possible and is there anything I should know before starting?