1. RizkiAA

    ACPI Error after renaming XHC1 to XHC

    Hey all... I've been trying to figure out how to configure all the ports of my Laptop's USB to work properly on MacOS Catalina 10.15.5, everything seems to work fine, MacOS seems to work properly, the only issue is that I can't seem to make one of my USB 2.0 Port to be recognised in MacOS and...
  2. Justi

    USB3 XHCI Problems

    Hey guys! I really hope that someone can help me! I always get that Output at boot: FakePCIID: [8086:8c31] XHCIMux::configWrite32 address space(0x0000a000, 0xd0) data: 0x00003fff -> 0x00000000 000154.827728 XHC@14000000: AppleUSBHostController::setPowerStateGated: going to state 2 failed...
  3. rad-we

    Unwanted wake ups in Mavericks "Wake reason: XHC"

    Hello, I am experiencing an apparently common issue with Mavericks (the only OS I tested): after I put the computer to sleep, it wakes up immediately and then goes back to sleep, and again in an infinite loop. I found that the Dell U2413 I have triggers the issue, but it is not the source of...