1. Ozaibi

    XFX RX580 : I can work, but it seems laggy / no acceleration

    Hey guys, I am one of the few people in the UAE who work on Hackintosh builds, so when I tried to make a new one with my new hardware, it was just feeling out of place ( when I move the windows or mouse I feel like its its slightly double) dunno what's wrong Any tips ? My Hardware: XFX RX580 +...
  2. Biggs59


    Hey, guys! I just wanna thank you guys in advance for all the help. Here's my PC Setup, ASUS Z170I Pro Gaming | i7-6700K /16GB RAM 512GB SSD / 12TB HDD | GTX 1050/Dual monitor Currently running Sierra 10.12.4 I am looking to upgrade a few components 1TB NVMe SSD | RX570 | 32GB RAM I have to...
  3. yx4200

    Which kind of XFX bios can work well?

    I find my xfx 390 4g has the same bios version with other 390 4g, such as SAPPHIRE 390 4g. Do I need to fresh a SAPPHIRE bios to install majove? And I can't find any available Bios for 390 4g. In techpower, there are only bioses for 8g version.
  4. bigdawg5289

    Desperately need assistance

    Hello, I am brand new to not only this subreddit, but also the Hackintosh community. I just built my first PC tower, and always dreamed of having both Windows and MacOS on the computer at the same time... I technically did a Hackintosh with an old laptop I had, but it was a lot more simple than...
  5. petrikleynhans

    XFX Rx 590 not working on Mojave

    Hey guys. I bought an XFX Rx590 Fatboy on Black Friday. After a quick glance on Tonymac I saw that some people already had success running RX590's on Mojave so I pulled the trigger. Only after the purchase did the posts surface that this particular brand is proving troublesome. I would really...
  6. fuzzylumpkins

    Vega 56 Help!

    Good evening all, Since upgrading to 10.14, I have decided to switch to the XFX AMD Radeon Vega 56 from an Nvidia 1080 since the web drivers have yet to be updated. The card works fine, except that I am limited to one monitor, instead of the triple monitor setup that I had with the 1080. I have...
  7. planet9

    XFX RX570

    I had a question regarding the ultimate buyers guide, on the current listing under AMD cards, it has a link to a XFX RX 570 Black Edition (1328mhz). There is a XFX RX 570 XXX Edition (1286mhz) at a lower price, and I was just wondering if that will work to. From what I can tell, the only real...
  8. Xcess

    R9 280X Problem

    Hi guys. This is my first Hackintosh. I posted this problem in many Hackintosh forums but I never had a reply. So I hope someone can help me (Sorry if I have grammar mistakes, I'm from Argentina). I managed to install macOS Sierra on my PC few days ago. Although the system recognized my graphics...
  9. Quad3000

    [Solved - not a GPU issue] Hackintosh not sleeping since adding Vega 64

    Hello all, Since I've built my Hackintosh last December, I've been through 3 GPUs. The first one was a GTX 1060 (too many issues after HS 10.13.3), then a RX 580 (by far the most compatible), and now a Vega 64. The Vega 64 performance is awesome in Windows for 4K, games and VR. Also on MacOS...
  10. mauropgarcia

    XFX HD 5770 (flash?)

    Hi. Im right now using the iGPU of my i5 4460 but would like to use my XFX HD 5770 instead to play games, otherwise I will have to dual-boot into windows. :rolleyes: I read about it and as some people says that it should work OOB others claims that the vBIOS or something like that should be...
  11. Franklin777

    Amd R9 280 DD 3GB

    Hello. I'm new here. I have a question. Will two xfx r9 280 dd 3gb work on hackintosh running El Capitan 10.11?
  12. ortizge

    Install macOS Sierra on an ASRock Z97 Extreme4 PC

    Introduction This guide will enable users to install OS X Sierra on an ASRock Z97 Extreme4 motherboard. Specifications Motherboard: ASRock Z97 Extreme4 UEFI BIOS version: v2.50 Audio: Realtek 1150 Ethernet: Intel(r) I218V Graphics: XFX R9-270X 2GB Drive: 250GB SSD RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws X...
  13. PaladineUK

    Paladine's Skylake i7 6700k + 32GB + Inno3D GTX 980Ti Black Series Hybrid S

    Paladine's Build: Core i7-6700K - GA-Z170X-GAMING 5 - 32GB Ballistic Sport 2400MHz - Inno3D GTX 980Ti Black Series Hybrid S Components Intel Core i7-6700K Skylake Processor https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B012M8LXQW/?tag=tonymacx86-21 Ballistix Sport LT 32GB Kit (8GBx4) DDR4 2400 MT/s...
  14. PaladineUK

    XFX R9 390X Help?

    I am hoping someone can help me get an XFX R9 390X working with Skylake. Some people have reported getting it to work but haven't given details on how so I was hoping someone might be able to help me through it. I understand that I might need to load a vbios with Clover but can't find clear...
  15. carmelovazzana

    XFX R9 280x HELP!!!

    Hi everybody, I don't know why, but i buy always the worst graphic card for my needs... OS X version should be 10.9.xxx, the boot sequence stops here. With -V and GraphicEnabler=No
  16. holengjuy

    Trouble with Yosemite on GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3. Screen goes blank after Apple logo

    First off, thanks for taking the time to read this. I have been running my Hackintosh on Lion for the last 3 years or so. I recently ran into some issues...
  17. killacam7478

    System Not Recognizing XFX Radeon DD R9 280X (Yosemite, Z77X-UD5H)

    System Not Recognizing XFX Radeon DD R9 280X (UD5H) (SOLVED) Hi Guys, needed some direction on getting my new GPU to work. I just bought an XFX Double Dissipation R9 280X. I bought it because I need the 2 mini-display ports. As soon as I plug it in, OS X rejects it and I can't get past the...
  18. killacam7478

    Advice on GPU with 2 Mini Displayports

    Hi Everyone, I almost bought two Apple Cinema Displays last week, then backed out at the last second after I realized my GPU won't be able to run them. I don't want to deal with an HDMI/mDP converter, because it sounds like it's not a guarantee that they will work. For those that are...
  19. Zestypanda

    Xfx black edition 6870 1gb strange problem

    Ok, so I will try to include as much information as possible. I installed 10.8.2 fine, for audio, Ethernet, shutdown,sleep,restart working. But every so often the system will halt, display a black or grey solid colour screen with white vertical lines going down it. Something is causing the...
  20. JoshNYC

    XFX HD6850 ZDFC Fix?

    Hi guys. I'm sure this is a pretty old problem but I couldn't find a fix after looking for about an hour here and elsewhere: I need to hook up a second display to my XFX 6850 card and it's not supporting the second display. If I plug into the top HDMI (with the top DVI port also in use)...