1. percyjoyb

    Sierra Installs fine, won't boot - ThinkStation D20

    I have a Lenovo ThinkStation D20 with 2x X5650 CPUs, 96GB RAM, a Quadro 2000 video card, and a 240GB HyperX Predator M.2 PCIe SSD drive. Using the instructions as a guide, I was able to get Sierra installed to the SSD...
  2. RowenDJ

    Intel I7 or XEON

    Hello! First of all, happy new year to everyone!:headbang: Now, here is my question: I want to buy a MAC PRO with the buyer's guide from tonymac to work with audio. My question is if I can use an intel xeon instead of I7 4.00ghz. What would be best for me? and, there is compatibility with a...

    Need help determining motherboard + more

    hey everyone, I am planning to build a badass hackintosh pro. I plan to use 2 Xeon e5 v4's (each is an octacore), 32, 64 or 128GB of ddr4 ram (corsair dominator platinum)(and here's where things get a bit crazy) 2 nVidia quadro m6000 cards for video output as well as either 2 titan x pascal's in...
  4. Thomski

    Skylake Xeon E3 V5 Compatibility

    Just wondering if anyone has any clue about the compatibility of Skylake Xeons - I'm looking to build a rig with a Xeon E3 1240 V5, and I'm currently quite hesitant as to whether or not it'll work. I'm intending to use MacOS Sierra for this build. My Build: CPU: option 1 - Xeon E3 1240 V5...
  5. insomniack

    Gtx 550 ti Artifacts After Web Drivers install

    I am having artifacts on the screen. Installed Sierra 10.12.2 and web drivers. It starts after I install web drivers. It all starts just after the boot no need to run a software. Using the same build with windows installed and no problems. Trying to fix that weirdness with graphics before coming...
  6. ThunderDome

    Dual Xeons: Best Workstation for Keyshot (Xeon Phi?/Thunderbolt?) - $2800 Best Value

    I've finally convinced my current employer to throw down the money for a new workstation. As I'm spending someone else's money, I'm really trying to be smart about it. I put together a parts list with two friends, one of the best 3D artists I know, and a high-end IT manager, but I'm not...
  7. hackintosh1984

    Best choice SMBIOS

    Do you follow the hardest to choose the best suited SMBIOS? It seems to me the most, follow the motherboard - chipset (northbridge, southbridge) and processor used. My pc: - Motherboard: Gigabyte EP41-UD3L (chipsets: Intel G41 and ICH7) - CPU Intel Xeon E5410. This CPU from connector 771...
  8. SerjEpatoff

    What motherboard to buy for 2x Xeon x5680

    Hi guys, I already have 2x Xeon X5680 + 32 Gb ECC ram + power + coolers. Old but still really fast stuff. What used motherboard can I buy to build Sierra-compatible desktop (if any)? Sorry for lame question. The reason behind it is that up-to-date buyer's guides list only newer generation...
  9. insidiator

    Xeon E5 2630 V4 with X99 microATX board in a tiny case?

    Fellow Hackintoshers, Back in 2013 I built my first Hackintosh for a combination of gaming, photo and video editing for me and complex spatial and statistical analyses in Matlab for my fiancée...
  10. hyspace

    hyspace's Xeon build: GA-X150-PRO WS - Xeon E3 1275 v5 - PNY GTX 960

    hyspace's Xeon build: GA-X150-PRO WS - Xeon E3 1275 v5 - PNY GTX 960 - Intel SSD 600p Components Gigabyte GA-X150-PLUS WS (C232 Chipset) Intel Xeon E3 1275 v5 PNY GeForce GTX...
  11. D

    X99 14 Core Hackintosh Optimization

    Hello guys, so I managed to install ElCapitan 10.11.6 on my mini-ITX Workstation (E5 2683v3, 32Gb RAM, GTX680, AsRock x99 itx) so far everything works. Cinebench and Geekbench scores also indicate 100% native performance (1800CB, 35k Multiscore). Now to my Problem, even though all 28 Threads are...
  12. HiroThreading

    Black screen after booting Sierra from SSD

    I've followed the UniBeast method, as well as tweaked the SMBIOS to identify my build as a Mac Pro 5,1, and managed to successfully boot the OS X Installer from my USB boot disk. Through the OS X Installer, I used Disk Utility to format my two SSDs as HFS+ GPT in preparation for my Sierra and...
  13. paulkol

    Only one core seems to work x99 Xeon E5-2686v3

    Hello, I recently build the X99 xeon e5-2686v3 18 core hackintosh using Sierra. I can boot, my GTX960 works fine (acceleration is working as expected) but I think that only one core is working. In system report I see 18 core CPU but on my Geekbench I have 2020 single and 2040 multi core. I did...
  14. ASTarantoga

    Xeon based Hackintosh

    Hi guys, I'm planning to build a compute server / video workstation and thought about a dual xeon setup. I'm not sure yet which xeon processors I will put in this machine but I want to keep it expandable. Should also contain loads of RAM. Of course I want to run macos on the machine, El Capitan...
  15. metacollin

    [GUIDE] Full Power Management w/ Dual/Single Broadwell-EP/Haswell-EP CPUs on 10.12.

    EDIT: Updated info for 10.13 here. Ok, this is my first shot at a guide, so it might suck. Hopefully it doesn't. But it might. So, this is not a all-encompassing start to finish guide. This assumes you're at the point where you're trying to boot a macOS Sierra thumb drive (or the upgrade...
  16. dnanob

    [Success] Xeon E5-2680 V4 ES Chip, GTX 950, Asrock x99 Extreme6 / Dual Boot Win10+El Cap 10.11.6

    dnanob's build: Intel Xeon E5-2680 V4 Engineering sample chip - ASrock X99 Extreme6 - 16 GB Corsair DDR4-2400 - EVGA GTX 950 SC+ - 2x Samsung 850 Evo 120 GB SSDs My hack by dnanob posted Sep 28, 2016 at 4:20 PM Components: ASrock X99 Extreme6 motherboard...
  17. DS-AL

    OS X and Xeon

    Good afternoon! Guys please tell me whether it is possible to install on my computer OS X, the configuration of this motherboard ASUS P5P43TD, Intel Xeon X5460 processor , RAM, 12 GB , hard drive 1 TB, NVIDIA GTX 750 TI, Socket 775 graphics card , if you can then tell how I will all very grateful .
  18. jogaleins

    Dual Xeon CPU not fully utilizing the 2nd CPU

    I have dual xeon CPU running El-Capitan. About this MAC shows 2X2.4ghz processor. 1. hwmonitor I can only see 8 cores instead of 16 cores. 2. I've installed htop and I can see 16 cores in the terminal. but when I run cinebench r15. htop utilization shows only 8-cores being used. The remaining...
  19. raeygo

    Will these parts work?

    Hello so I am planning to build a hackintosh after deciding it would be a better "bang for your buck" option over getting a 2012 mac mini. This build will be used for photo editing (mainly lightroom/photoshop), some light video work and just general day to day usage. There is not set budget but...
  20. metalb8282

    El Capitan with Gigabyte dual Cpu Xeon V3

    Hello. Anyone know the Gygabyte md50-ls0? I try to install El but i come into black screen after boot from usb. I try varius flag but the result is the same. Following my configuration: Cpu: dual xeon es e5-2683 v3 Ram : 32 gb ddr4 ecc Mobo: Gigabyte md50-ls0 Video card: i try with...