xeon vs i7

  1. skaggetse

    12core Mac Pro 5.1 vs i7-6700k Hackintosh

    So, to make a very long story medium long. I have been using my 2013 15" rMBP and a 2012 27" iMac for a long time, and they have started to feel slow, especially since I upped my game from FullHD-editing, for 4K editing last year. But I couldn't really finance a new mac for 4000$. Considered...
  2. pmpetros

    Building a Beast machine

    Hi so I've have built a hackintosh just once before, but now my boss wants me to build a mean ass monster for work. Money wise i can be a bit spendy, looking for around $3000. This machine will be doing very heavy 3D modeling, photoediting and such. Solidworks, autocad, Maya, mudbox, photoshop...