xeon cpu

  1. HJRR

    Solved > NetScaler MPX 10500 Successful install DUAL QUAD Intel E5450

    I successfully installed Sierra on the Citrix NetScaler MPX 10500 (DUAL QUAD Intel E5450) 32 GB RAM, using internal Nvidia 4000 graphics. 1) Be sure to remove any CRYPTO Boards... not needed. I left the 2 x 4 port 1Gb SFP port boards and the 1 x 1dual 10Gb ports. 2) Made installer USB from...
  2. RickKP

    Mac Pro 5.1 and eVGA 1050 GTX

    Mostly a stock Mac Pro, from the Mid 2010 (5.1) series... 3.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon 12 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 High Sierra Beta (but also have 10.12.6 (beta) on a separate drive ATI Radeon HD 5770 1 GB I know a new iMac will solve the problems of the video card, but that is not feasible at this...
  3. zevilz

    Fail after changing i3-530 to xeon x3460

    I changed i3-530 to xeon x3460. First i change cpu section with cpu section of i7-860. During loading the signal on the monitor vanishes (black screen). Then i maked cpu section from linux SSDTs - same problem. I try boot with imac and macpro smbios. There are no errors in logs. How can i fix it...
  4. matsovagos

    Asrock X79 - E5 2670 after install no displays

    I have installed El capitan maybe 20 times but no luck. i need help. The installation procedure goes well no errors nothing but when i install the basic kexts and the agpfix after the restart i dont use the nv_disable1 flag, so i shows th apple logo starts to load and reaches to 2/3 of bar. the...
  5. ionutn

    Will my pc work with Mac OS X?

    I want to install OS X El Capitan on my pc. My specs : Motherboard : FUJITSU D3041-A1 CPU : Intel Xeon E5450 @3.00Ghz RAM : 8 GB DDR3 @ 1066Mhz Graphics : MSI Radeon HD5670 Cyclone 1GB DDR5 Storage : Western Digital 500GB...
  6. ionutn

    OS X El Capitan/ Yosemite Hardware Compatibility

    Hello, everyone. I just wanna put OS X Yosemite on my current Windows Pc. These are my specs : MB : MSI G41M-P26 CPU : Intel Xeon E5450 @ 3.00Ghz RAM : 8GB DRR3 1333Mhz GPU : MSI Radeon HD5670 Cyclone 1GB DDR5 HDD : WDC 500GB What do you think, it will work? I'm waiting for your advices...
  7. firefistace

    server Ram in desktop motherboard

    I'm using a Xeon cpu so I thought It would be a good idea to use server memory for my hackintosh. I'm using a motherboard that supports DDR4 memory. I found server DDR4 memory and was wondering if server memory can be used on a desktop motherboard?