1. Aronou1985

    High Sierra Install on a MSI X99 fail

    Hi everyone, just tried following the tutorial to install High Sierra on my computer, configured BIOS accordingly but, no luck. Got stuck with a Prohibited/Stop sign following the Apple logo when trying to get to Install... any thoughts? my computer is: MB: MSI X99A RAIDER RAM: 32 DDR4...
  2. KR13

    HELP: Setting up correct OsxAptioFix for MSI X99A / i7-6800 / GTX1080

    Have been trying different things over 2-3 weeks now and just keep getting the " ++++++++++++++++++++ " when trying to boot in verbose mode. Not sure if it has to do with my config.plist or my OsxAptio options, but either way: it is beyond me, having zero experience doing this before...
  3. KR13

    HELP: Sierra - config.plist for MSI X99A Gaming Pro Carbon / i7-6800 / GTX 1080

    PLEASE someone help me setup the proper config.plist for my build. All these options in Clover Configurator are driving me INSANE and I don't have the hours upon hours to spend working on this, aside from the fact I've never done this before and all of this is brand new to me. Right now, all I...
  4. pff

    Can't reach Clover

    Hello guys! I followed this guide to get Unibeast to work on my machine but I can't even reach Clover screen. I only see briefly a white "_" on a black screen then it goes back to bios. Removed all hard drives except the one I'll be using, and unplugged all USB except Mouse. My specs: Asus...
  5. Andydv

    Please help me install Sierra onto my X99 build

    I recently became interested again in wanting to install hackintosh onto my PC. I tried for hours to install El Capitan previously, but with no success. This time I want to install Sierra, but if El Capitan is only supported than that will work just fine. If anyone could help me out I'd greatly...
  6. shakakoa

    [SUCCESS] MSI X99A GODLIKE Gaming / i7-5820k / GTX 980ti / Yosemite 10.10.5

    Was able to get this hacintosh working finally after 2 weeks of installing, reformatting, rinsing and repeating. Had to follow several guides, but the key was cloning the GUID hard drive to a MBR formatted hard drive (use Carbon Cloner). Then was able to install NVDIA driver and MultiBeast...