1. chibibowa

    Solved > ASUS X99-A - i7 5960X - Radeon VII - MacOS Mojave

    Hi to all I've made some progress since my "pci configuration begin" problem. Now I get another one. See below. I tried to put as many pictures as possible with the verbose boot and crash + BIOS exact settings. (ASMEDIA is OFF. Might have forgotten to take a pic of that). EFI folder also...
  2. Gregow

    How to test USB 3.0 and async mode?

    I have recently installed MacOS 10.12.3 on my X99 system (Asus X99-A motherboard). Things seem to be working fine, but I'm too inexperienced to really know. So, I'm trying to check one thing at a time. Right now I'm concerned with USB. All the ports seem to be working, but I'm not sure if I get...
  3. d3k1d

    macOS 10.12.2 with Asus X99-A and 5820k - USB 3.0 problem

    I updated to the newest macOS release as of today. So far almost everything is working, only the USB 3.0 ports on my Asus x99-A board are not working at all. Any ideas what I could do to help it?
  4. leezee

    Custom Watercooled Asus x99-A Usb3.1 / 5820k / GTX 980ti - El Capitan 10.11.6

    I've been building Hackintoshes for like 7 years. But I've always hated the struggle with x99 since my last one 2 years ago so I gave up and I started this Custom water-cooled build as a winter project this past Feb.2016. Bending tubes, installing rads and water blocks. You can watch my whole...
  5. 2bcool2

    will this config be good for video editing / 4k some 3dmax - opinion before i buy.

    hi, sorry if I'm in the wrong section. I am planning on buying this Hackintosh for £1350. is it a good price ? will it be good for my needs ? CPU - i7-5820k 6 Cores 3.3 GHz, 15 MB Cache with Noctua NH-L12 CPU coolerMotherboard - Asus X99-A Ram - Corsair Vengeance 16GB 2666MHZ DDR4 SSD - 480GB...