1. etajv100

    Help me Install macOS into a X79 System.

    Hi there, It have been a long while since I have joined this Forum. I found a lot of helpful stuff that helped me get almost all the system I worked on working and functioning as it is supposed to, until recently. While I tried to install Hackintosh into a X79 System, searched a lot but...
  2. DeniZka

    Just confirmation MSI X79A-GD65 (8D), Core i7-3930K

    This is my first hackintosh and first post. I'd like to thank tonymacx86 for great tools. I have a good first step, I have luck to install OSX on my new PC. I did not test it totaly (sound is not tested, graphics too) but i logged in and see anything I need. When i done i'll try to post full...