1. NathanYung

    Solved > [SUCCESS] How to install to X79 X99 C600 and other X series like X299 even AMD platform , laptop

    [SUCCESS] How to install to X79 X99 C600 and other X series like X299 even AMD platform , laptop Before begin, my English is pretty basic, please don't mind. First, this is my server |PCIe 16X slot 1 |PCIe 8X slot 2 |PCIe 8X slot 3 _ Riser card 1 |PCIe 16X slot 4 |PCIe 8X...
  2. wajdi

    Stuck on boot screen

    I had mojave installed and everything was working fine with nvidia acceleration i decided to update to catalina and now it is stuck on boot When i boot with -v it seems like its is working then it exits from -v and gets stuck at apple logo with bar almost full The specifications of my pc are...
  3. naked_dave1

    Not Able to Do a Fresh Install of Mojave with x79 and Nvidia 980ti

    Is it possible to do a fresh install of Mojave with X79 board and Nvidia 980ti gpu? I can't do the install as I'm getting the message "Installing macOS Mojave on this Mac requires that all graphics cards have Metal support and that FileVault is disabled..."
  4. NathanYung

    [Guide] How to Mac an IBM Server X3550M4 to run Mojave ( X79 C602 E5-2620 V2 E5-2680 V2 )

    [Guide] How to Mac an IBM Server X3550M4 to run Mojave X79 C602 - E5-2620 V2 - E5-2680 V2 My new toy is an IBM server X3550 M4, 8 2.5” bays. It’s a 1U server, and the noise is very loud. I want to use it as a Google drive backup server, and don’t want to use Windows system. It’s very cheap...
  5. rpaillot926

    Gigabyte X79 UP4 + I7-4930k , trouble to get into mojave installer

    Hi there I read many posts regarding X79 including the one just below mine with a guy who nicely shared his DSDT/ EFI . Unfortunately it doesnt work. Currently my 4930K works on Yosemite, but I've too many softwares who dont work anymore on yosemite and time has come to update it to Mojave! At...
  6. KING163

    [SUCCESS] Gigabyte X79-UP4 + i7-4930K-Mojave 10.14.3

    Just for share my EFI and DSDT. Thank all
  7. chadelliott2012

    USB Video not working

    Hi all... I've been running into an issue since Sierra released and I'm just now having the time to fully troubleshoot. My USB cameras will not display video. Both were working fully in Yosemite. QuickTime and other applications recognize them, but only as audio devices. System report only...
  8. Power-Pill

    How Hard to Upgrade from 4930k to E5-2687W v2

    I have a x79 system, with a Rampage IV Black Edition, and a Intel 4930k. I want to put a Xeon processor in, like the E5-2687W v2 8-core processor, or maybe even the 10-core Xeon for that chipset. How difficult will this be? Can I just swap em and double check BIOS settings, or will Clover get...
  9. goodiepocket

    AppleUSBXHCIPCI Issue While Trying to Install Sierra

    Hello! I can't seem to get past this. I am able to bring up clover and then I enter my bootflags: -v cpus=1 acpi=off npci=0x2000 darkwake=0 and nv_disable=1 If I just click immediately on the Install option in clover (and only enter -v in the flags within clover) I get stuck at PCI Config...
  10. djdrt

    Problem Report on P9X79 Deluxe 4930k High Sierra

    Hello all, Super n00b here, first Hackintosh and I was able to successfully boot High Sierra 10.13.6 on my 4930k with Asus P9X79 Deluxe. I followed sachabest's build which had everything looking good in Sierra so of course not everything was going to go smoothly but I wanted to give my build a...
  11. showkingpup

    [Solved] Need Help Asus X79 pro 3930k High Sierra

    Hello Everybody. looking forward to fresh install High Sierra 10.3.4. Gets "macOs could not be installed on your computer". ( attached image) Installing High Sierra On following Specs: Asus X79 Pro motherboard i7 3930K Cpu Xfx 6870 GPU 32 GB ram corsair Added Bootflags: darkwake=0 dart=0...
  12. MIcahTautkus

    High Sierra: Stuck after few seconds of Loading Installer

    Hi everyone! Going directly from a Yosemite Hack to High Sierra via fresh install (new hard drive). However, when loading the installer from USB, the loading bar pops up but never progresses. Verbose boot reveals that it gets stuck after loading the block "MAC Framework successfully...
  13. Joker54

    X79/X99 first time Hackintosh

    Hello everyone, this is my first attempt to build a hackingtosh for video editing in Final Cut Pro X. I've some experience with old hardware and server cpus, but never built a mac. So bear with me :D Right now I have this for the build: GTX780 (3gb Zotac), BeQuiet 580W and some harddrives. I...
  14. AssafM

    x79 iMac Pro?

    Hi every body, Is it possible the get an x79 system to work as iMac Pro? i'v upgraded my GPU to a RX Vega 56, it works well for most of my needs when i'm setup as a MacPro6,1. the thing is i also use blender for 3d work and the GPU rendering is bad. i've seen benchmark of a real iMacPro that is...
  15. Loreb

    p9x79 deluxe - i7 3820 don't start installation

    Hi, Sorry for my bad English, I'm Italian. I try to install High Sierra on my PC, I create a USB whit Unibeast 8.1. I reset the UEFI, and disable VT-d and sta is in AHCI. Disable fastboot, and select other OS. I try to start the installation. The PC load the apple logo whit the loading bar, and...
  16. etajv100

    Help me Install macOS into a X79 System.

    Hi there, It have been a long while since I have joined this Forum. I found a lot of helpful stuff that helped me get almost all the system I worked on working and functioning as it is supposed to, until recently. While I tried to install Hackintosh into a X79 System, searched a lot but...
  17. Jultsu

    Immediate crash/reboot after "acpi sleep states s3 s4 s5" on x79 Asrock with 10.13 installer

    As per title, I cannot even get to the High Sierra installer no matter what I do. Running an Asrock X79 extreme6 motherboard with i7-3930k overclocked at 4200MHz. 8x4GB ddr3 sticks @2133MHz. I have a working 10.12.6 Sierra install on my Samsung Pro 840 SSD drive and I don't recall having this...
  18. markos123

    Asus Rampage IV Extreme with Sierra : Does it work ?

    Hi, I recently got this PC, which has a Rampage IV Extreme and a I7 3930K CPU in it, and was wondering if it's hackable ? I found some tutorials, but none of them were up to date. Maybe they still work with Sierra, but to be completely honest I have no idea. If you wrote a complete build...
  19. Gogen

    Asus Sabertooth X79 No Audio at all

    Hi. I could install macOS Sierra successfully on my Asus Sabertooth X79 build (quite old right now). But I couldn't make audio work. I would apreaciate any help. Thank you very much.
  20. xuzhin

    Clover Settings for Asrock x79 extreme6

    i have a working mavericks, but i want to upgrade to sierra and not high sierra, because some pro tools plugins don't work on high sierra yet. I haven't tried a direct update, i'm going for a clean install, because i figured i have to get the usb installer to work in order to get the hard drive...