1. webko

    Front Panel Audio issue Asus Sabertooth x58

    Hi all, hope you'll forgive me if I'm writing in the wrong section or using bad english but I'm a newbie. So, I have successfully installed 10.8.3 on Asus Sabertooth x58 with i7 950 and Nvidia GTX460. No problems at all except those things: 1) Front Panel input for microphone does not...
  2. actionx1

    will only boot in safe mode

    hello everyone, this is my first time attempting this. my set up MSI x58 pro-e XFX HD 6850 i7 920 6gb Ram I installed 10.8 on a clean 1tb hdd. I was able to boot up and log into the OS and install multibeast. From there i was only able to install the network drivers and thats the only thing...
  3. hunshiki

    What options do I need in MultiBeast to get my machine working?

    I've got a Gigabyte X58A-UD3R mainboard, with a GTX260 VGA. This combination was supported with CustoBeast. That thing worked beautiful. Just hit Install, and everything was working flawless. I'm one of those people who miss the project. It was awesome. Now.. to the subject. I have managed...
  4. Turnipio

    GA-X58-UD5 Black screen problem in Mountain Lion

    I have been having a very difficult time trying to get ML to boot without a persistent black screen on my X58 system. I know that there have been quite a few reports here and elsewhere of black screen at boot issues, but I have been unable to solve this and I need help. My specs for this...
  5. jaygunz

    can't get past boot loader screen EVGA X58 E760

    can't get to installer/ blackscreen EVGA X58/GTX580 I'm using the Unibeast ML usb installer, but when I get to the chameleon screen ,just before it turns to the apple loading screen, the screen turns black and restarts. I've tried all the boot flags & nothing works. I've even tried taking out...
  6. DevilisM

    Mountain Lion as Sensitive as Baby Butts

    This morning I reinstalled ML from a TM backup which worked best of all my attempts to get it working smoothly. Took like 1.5 hours to finish. This install had everything working except for the bluetooth dongle which made my mouse every now and then stop working for a second and then...