1. xandrman

    HP LT4120 WWAN Mojave

    Hello, I have Notebook 1040 G3 with WWAN card HP LT4120 LTE and macOS Mojave installed. On Ubuntu this card works with command "usbmodeswitch". Does anybody know about enabling this card on mojave?
  2. capo245

    3G WWAN Card for High Sierra, working OOB

    Ive used this legacy 3g ericson card on an older notebook with hackintosh it worked out of the box. http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Ericsson_F3507g_Mobile_Broadband_Module Does someone know if this card still works with high sierra and if not which card could you recommend that works out of the box?
  3. s86212

    please help me about Sierra WWAN

    Hello~ I installed OS X 10.11 on my Panasonic CF-C2, my laptop have Sierra Wireless EM7345 4G LTE WWAN Card, but my laptop can't use it, how can I setting it?
  4. AlexandrRS

    Sony Ericsson H5321GW does not work

    Hi everybody! I have tried to adjust my wwan device but I have not got a success. I added records into CellPhoneHelper.kext (I extracted 0x0BDB/0x1926 under ubuntu via lsusb) After that wwan device appeared on panel with correct network but connection is not established. If I load ubuntu...
  5. techno_one

    HP EliteBook 8470P WWAN Functionality with 10.8

    Good afternoon all, I wanted to post a new thread about Mobile Broadband within the Elitebook / probook domain. There are many post about which WIFI card to use with this model- but not too much information with regard to the WWAN setup. I wanted to start some discussion about this topic...
  6. DarfWeder

    mSATA SSD in WWAN mini PCIe slot possible?

    Has anyone tried to put an mSATA SSD "drive" in the WWAN (full size) mini PCIe slot in the Probook 4530s? Is the drive then recognised? Are there restrictions like for the BT/Wifi card so it has to be some specific HP part (I guess not but you never know). How does one go about 'moving' the...