1. WormLice

    Can I do the Unibeast workaround in linux?

    Hello, I've installed Unibeast 8.2 in a USB drive. Found out later that I needed to do the workaround. Unfortunately, I won't have access to a MacOS for quite some time, and I only have a Linux OS available at the moment. I'm not very experienced with Linux, and I'm not being able to delete the...
  2. mslinn

    "As of OS X 10.9.2, Ivy Bridge E/EP based systems ... workarounds are necessary"

    The July 2014 Buyer's Guide says the following. I bolded the sentence I would like to know more about. CustoMac Pro Socket 2011 These rigs are the most powerful single CPU systems you can build. The C606 and x79 motherboards listed here also have 8 RAM slots supporting up to 64GB- twice the...