wont start

  1. seivadf

    [Solved] System reboots before I can't setup. (Sierra, Z170X Gaming 3, GeForce GTX 1060)

    Hi, I have followed the Sierra Desktop Guide, and hence created the USB, and installed macOS on my SSD. After the install the system restarted. However, I can't boot into the SSD to setup. My system config is as follows: Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 3 Motherboard Intel Core i7 6700K Gigabyte...
  2. sunnyko

    Blank screen after loading, GTX760

    I managed to get the installation done using a GTS450, but I would prefer if possible to use my GTX760, since it is a much better card and this is a duel boot setup. The issue however is that as soon as it gets done loading the kexts and "Int" pops up in the loader. The signal to the monitor...