won't boot

  1. josiah10000

    New build won't boot, help would be awesome

    I put together the following system: Gigabyte Z87N-wifi Intel i7 4790k Corsair RM 650 Ballistix 16GB kit Samsung SSD The damn thing won't boot - when I turn on cpu and case fans spin up, but after three seconds they wind down as the PSU softly clicks. Three seconds later, this repeats, until I...
  2. tomh381

    Hackintosh Gets Stuck at Apple Logo

    Ok, so basically I have a Samsung Series 7 Chronos which I have installed 10.7.3 on. But when I boot it up it goes to the apple logo and the spinning wheel but after a little time the spinning wheel freezes and nothing else happens. I have tried all the boot flags I know. Thanks Tom
  3. markusaa96

    First time hackintosh - Wont install/boot at all. Apple loge Flash, restart

    I got a Msi h81i motherboard and i5 4670k (Using IGPU). Wont boot or install at all. Apple logo appears in less then a second before the machine restarts. Tried to boot in -v and -x, no help/the same thing happens.. Please help
  4. kbeats210

    Won't boot w/out safe mode

    I recently finished installing mavericks on my desktop, and i have a problem. When i try to boot normally, it hangs at the white/gray apple boot screen. The only way to boot is in safe mode with -x, I will post verbose pics soon. Here is the pic: (Hangs on "Missing bluetooth controller transport")
  5. Brick4848

    New Hackintosh Hung up on start up

    Hello Everyone, I am new to the Hackintosh scene and this is my first venture into making one. I created a Unibeast Mavericks Boot and successfully installed it on my HDD. Upon restart and an attempt to boot off the HDD through Unibeast the Apple logo popped up and the wheel started to spin. The...
  6. suirad

    Accidentally installed Bridge helper 5 under snow leopard

    Accidentally installed Bridge helper 5 under snow leopard and now it wont boot. Multibeast boots but then the computer restarts :banghead:. Please help me! Is there A way to deinstall bridgehelper or maybe do something else?
  7. mactv3

    Can't boot from HDD after Install, but can boot from Unibeast USB (Gigabyte H61M-S2H)

    Hi, I just installed Mountain Lion on my Hackintosh build, and I can only boot from the Unibeast USB. It works flawlessly without a need for extra kexts when I boot from the Unibeast drive, it's pretty cool. Anyways, after I install Mountain Lion, and boot into and complete setup, I go to the...
  8. cityandcolour83

    Z77-DS3H motherboard and Lion, apple logo for a second then reboots.

    Hi there all. This is my second build and my first post on this forum. I'd like to say thanks for all the help with my first build and also thanks in advance for any help with my current problem. Just so you know I'm still a noob so allot of the terminology is a bit jumbled up in my...
  9. BudCrow

    New Snow Leopard Build - Occasionally will not boot

    Hey, so I had a fully functioning SL build (went with 10.6.8 cause of support). Everything is fine, expect that every fourth time the computer stops booting. It just sits there at the Apple logo with no spining countdown timer. It will boot into safe mode in this state. I'm running an OCZ...
  10. mrdanjohnson

    Probook 4530 won't boot after installing ML and HP installer 6b12

    I have tried this install at least 7 times, each time a bit different to narrow down which selection in the probook installer is messing it up. A little info: I am installing with unibeast with ML 10.8.2 My probook is a 4530s with a core i3 2350M My Bios is f20 with intel hd3000 After...
  11. Drsoggy

    GA-z68x-ud3h-b3 ram issue- help please

    I'm running the GB board mentioned with an i72600k processor, and 8gbGSkills Ripjaw RAM. Everything has been running perfect until I added 8gb more RAM (same manufacturer). Now the board won't even beep and keeps rebooting. Are there bios settings that need to be changed? Any ideas on what the...