won't boot

  1. osutton98

    GTX 980TI Restart on boot HELP!!!!

    I recently purchase a GTX 980 TI Hybrid Graphics card for my build. Before it arrived I was using only integrated graphics from the intel cpu. I have a clover install of Yosemite 10.10.1. after installing the graphics card I disabled secure boot and started it up. Upon booting about halfway...
  2. minege

    NVIDIA web driver for GTX 970 don't work

    Hi, I've installed El Capitain 10.11.3 and updated to 10.11.5 with Unibeast and Clover. My boots args are : dart=0 If i put : nvda_drv=1, the system don't want to boot and show me a croix. I've installed the latest NVIDIA Web drivers from the Tonymacx86 forums, wich are the sames than the...
  3. soreelij

    [El Capitain] Can't boot without nv_disable=1

    Hi all, I have an Nvidia Geforce GT 720 1GB GPU that refuses to work with my hackintosh. I installed El Capitan with Unibeast just fine, and I only needed Multicast for sound, but even still the computer won't boot without the "nv_disable=1" flag. I'm unable to find problems similar to mine...
  4. JoeyVanImpe

    Problem GTX960, won't boot

    Hello. Here is my configuration El Capitan 10.11.3 GeForce GTX 960 Gigabyte Z97-HD3 1x8Go Ram Kingston ddr3 Corsair CM550 Samsung SSD250Gb 1394 PCI Express Firewire Card When i start my Computer i get to Clover, i boot on El Capitan, if i don't write the "nv_disable=1" on the boot flag it...
  5. bwilliams2002

    El Capitan hackintosh not booting

    I resently bought a new Intel i5 with Intel HD Graphics Desktop to run OS X, when I tried to install OS X El Capitan it gets stuck on [ PCI configuration end, bridges 3, devices 11 ] 000001 .241793 AppleUSBLegacyRoot@: AppleUSBLegacyRoot::init: enabling legacy matching and doesn't move! Please...
  6. Laundro

    Clover Randomly Stops Working! Only Will Boot from USB!

    Hello! I have successfully installed El Capitan on my custom-built PC! (Parts are up-to-date on my profile) I've got everything working (graphics card, audio, etc.) However, there is one big problem I've been dealing with for the past couple of days... Quite often when I'm attempting to boot...
  7. robc123

    Mouse and Keyboard not working after Multibeast install

    Hi, I've just installed 10.6.3 to my Dell Vostro 3500 with no issues, however when I installed the kexts from multibeast I must have installed one that wasnt meant for the system as now I cannot boot without the iBoot cd and when I boot into os x my mouse and keyboard don't work and cannot do...
  8. greystar34

    Can't intall from usb (apple logo flashes and pc restarts)

    I can't seem too install Yosemite from my usb from the bootloader screen. I've tried multiple boot flags and I still get the same result. Here are my specs: Intel i5 4670k Evga Gtx 770 8gb 1600mhz of ram Asrock z87 Extreme 4 mobo Thanks in advance.
  9. Zario

    Help Needed with GTX 980 TI with YOSEMITE

    Hi, I could really use some help, guys. I don't know much about hackintosh builds, this is my first build ever, and I am a complete noob. I need to finish editing a project for a client, and my time is very limited, so ANY and ALL help is greatly appreciated. The Problem My hackintosh was...
  10. dangeredwolf

    OS X Installer refuses to boot, no matter what I try

    System: Toshiba Satellite Radius P55W-B5112 CPU: Intel Core i7-5500U 2.4 GHz [Broadwell] GPU: Intel HD Graphics 5500 RAM: 8 GB DDR3 1600MHz I can't seem to get OS X Installer to boot in any way, shape or form on my machine. I've tried both Mavericks and Yosemite, both manually creating the...
  11. TheMadFriend

    Yosemite Hackintosh boots half way then turns off

    Hi Guys, My hackintosh was working fine, installed everything. Then it froze so i did a hard boot, holding down the power button, and now it turns off halfway into booting. My Specs: MB:Gigabyte Z97M-D3H CPU:I7 4970K (Stock Cooler) RAM:16gb DDR3 16gb Ballistix Sport SSD: Samsung evo...
  12. mikera23

    Won't boot from hard drive [Please Help]

    Yesterday I started the hackintosh process. Everything went well and I installed it on my hard drive. Launched it from the USB and did the Multibeast post install and then shut it all of and tried to boot from the hard drive and got the "system uptime in nannoseconds" which later I found out...
  13. Drsoggy

    Black screen at boot

    Installed Yosemite using the Unibeast/Multibeast method. Everything works except for USB 3.0 and iMessage. The only other problem I'm having is that it will intermittently not boot and right before the login screen the monitor clicks into power saving mode and the computer is unresponsive. This...
  14. msarich32

    Hackintosh keeps stopping at apple boot up screen- Cant get into OS X

    Computer Specs: i5-3570 PNY GTX GeForce 750 16 GB Ram ASUS p8z77-v LK Motherboard I just recently decided to with my windows 8 PC to a Yosemite hackintosh. I installed everything onto my USB correctly (as far as i know) and when i go to boot up my USB on my soon to be hackintosh (hopefully)...
  15. docquinton

    I NEED HELP!!! CLOVER bootoader

    Ok so before I started hackintoshing I had a laptop only running Windows 8.1. When I started hackintoshing I went into my bios and swithed to Legacy Bios. I installed mountain lion with chimera/chameleon as the boot source. I eventually got everything to work but after upgrading a few times...
  16. josiah10000

    New build won't boot, help would be awesome

    I put together the following system: Gigabyte Z87N-wifi Intel i7 4790k Corsair RM 650 Ballistix 16GB kit Samsung SSD The damn thing won't boot - when I turn on cpu and case fans spin up, but after three seconds they wind down as the PSU softly clicks. Three seconds later, this repeats, until I...
  17. tomh381

    Hackintosh Gets Stuck at Apple Logo

    Ok, so basically I have a Samsung Series 7 Chronos which I have installed 10.7.3 on. But when I boot it up it goes to the apple logo and the spinning wheel but after a little time the spinning wheel freezes and nothing else happens. I have tried all the boot flags I know. Thanks Tom
  18. markusaa96

    First time hackintosh - Wont install/boot at all. Apple loge Flash, restart

    I got a Msi h81i motherboard and i5 4670k (Using IGPU). Wont boot or install at all. Apple logo appears in less then a second before the machine restarts. Tried to boot in -v and -x, no help/the same thing happens.. Please help
  19. kbeats210

    Won't boot w/out safe mode

    I recently finished installing mavericks on my desktop, and i have a problem. When i try to boot normally, it hangs at the white/gray apple boot screen. The only way to boot is in safe mode with -x, I will post verbose pics soon. Here is the pic: (Hangs on "Missing bluetooth controller transport")
  20. Brick4848

    New Hackintosh Hung up on start up

    Hello Everyone, I am new to the Hackintosh scene and this is my first venture into making one. I created a Unibeast Mavericks Boot and successfully installed it on my HDD. Upon restart and an attempt to boot off the HDD through Unibeast the Apple logo popped up and the wheel started to spin. The...