1. gurmeher_chawla

    WLAN PCI Card

    Hi everyone, I have an Edimax EW-7728IN PCI WLAN Card installed in my System. OS X does not recognize it. How can I get this to work on OS X. I'd really appreciate if someone could help me put here P.S. There is no available kext online.
  2. ternymac1

    The perfect cheap WLAN-solution for ML

    Hey guys, a few days ago, I got the TP-Link TL-WN881ND. I injected the Device ID 168c,30a4 into AirPortAtheros40.kext inside IO80211Family.kext and it appears as AirPort Extreme. For those of you, who don't know how to inject a Device ID, here is the kext for ML. Simply install it with...