1. Xagdas

    For Catalina, BCM4322 or AR5B195 or AR5B93

    Dear Forum, Hi everyone. I switched from Mojave to Catalina, clean installation with Unibeast. My system has - Asus H81T (interesting motherboard actually) - Onboard ethernet Realtek8111G (successfully enabled with Multibeast) - Onboard sound ALC887-VD (can't success perfectly yet, Voodoo...
  2. RizkiAA

    Bluetooth is Showing but won't pair

    Hello all..:wave: I'm using ASUS Laptop and currently running macOS Catalina 10.15.5..... my Bluetooth is showing on both System Preferences and System Report, however... when I want to pair any device to it, it keeps refreshing and won't show in the Bluetooth "List of Devices"..probably I...
  3. A.Tony

    Whats the difference, between a built in Bluetooth and a Bluetooth Stick?

    I want to have Airdrop workin on my Hackintosh and once ordered a Fenvi Card as recommended here but it didnt work, now i was thinking about buying a stick, is that the same? or is it worse than a built in card somehow? Thanks in advance :)
  4. bendover1993

    No keyboard or mouse or wifi

    Having troubles, hope you guys can help! Intel wifi, the only mouse that works on boot of installation is my usb wireless one. Internal keyboard and trackpad does not.
  5. PhaNtazm

    [SUCCESS] 100% WORKING Intel Wifi Drivers for 7265AC on Catalina

    Only tested on 7265AC, should also work on other intel cards but not tested yet. This driver currently ONLY works in 10.15. First edit the Info.plist and add the ssid and password Then load the kext using terminal (Dont install directly into L/E): sudo mv ./*.kext /tmp sudo chown -R...
  6. cephasara

    DW1560 bluetooth on Catalina 10.15.1

    As far as I understand, the bluetooth stack changed from 10.15.0 to 10.15.1? Regardless, I have not been able to get bluetooth working. I have tried: BrcmPatchRAM3-V2.3.0d3.zip BrcmPatchRam3-V2.5.0 I have installed, what seems like every combination of BrcmPatchRam3 + BrcmFirmware[Repo|Data]...
  7. joesrepsol

    No bluetooth wireless keyboard at boot up (Clover Menu)

    So I've been running a cheap Logitech wireless combo keyboard/mouse. Been working GREAT since building the hackintosh. Recently upgraded to Apple Magic wireless keyboard, IOGEAR bluetooth USB adapter and new Logitech MX Master 2S mouse. Expected this to be smooth, but anything but. Now on boot...
  8. Spencer7220

    Wi-Fi Workaround for Intel Centrino Wireless-N 1030

    The current laptop I'm using has the Intel Wireless card, and I've failed to find any working kext to the point where my hackintosh is merely unusable on the laptop without Internet. I've heard drivers/kexts for this card don't exist--does that mean there's another workaround for me to get a...
  9. joeyred8

    High Sierra Wifi: TP-Link TL-WN881ND

    Has anyone got this wireless card working on High Sierra? Currently have internet working through ethernet but want to get the card working for WIFI. PC Spec: Motherboard -MSI Z97S SLI Krait Edition Processor - Intel Core i5 3.5Ghz Graphics Card - Galax GEFORCE GXT 980 HOF RAM - 16GB 1600 MHz...
  10. ColBo

    zyx-360cd card wireless and bluetooth

    I just purchased this card which has three wires on card internals (See picture) and four screws on card obviously for the wires to connect??. I didnt get any instructions with this card so dont know what to do?? Has anyone doen this before???? Thanks
  11. gachogavacho

    Super slow connection: TP-Link Archer T9E AC1900

    I don't understand why but this card is PAINFULLY slow, like less than 1mbps. Another user said it works fine in windows for them but that thread had no solution. I don't remember it being this way on Sierra. High Sierra 10.13.2 is unbearably slow. Can anyone tell, is there a fix for this? I saw...
  12. prince537


    Hellow guys, I want to run DWA-582 wireless card on Sierra 10.12.6 does anybody have any idea or kext for this?
  13. VictorJacquemont

    Bluetooth Keyboard and Trackpad on High Sierra

    Hello everyone, First a gigantic thank you for this site and all the efforts that have been put into its development, I have now realised an old dream and feel very grateful towards everyone in this community! Everything is now working in an apparently very stable way! There is still one thing...
  14. HaroldBluetooth

    Non-Apple wireless keyboards and mice

    I've consulted the Buyer's Guide, but the list of compatible wireless keyboards and mice is rather limited. Why is this? Bluetooth devices are usually plug and play and effortless to set up. I have also noticed that a lot of people seem to be having problems with generic BT adapters. Wouldn’t a...
  15. midmin

    Slow Internet speeds - BCM94360CD OSXWIFI combo

    Hey guys, Is anyone experiencing slow internet speed issue with using the BCM94360CD that is part of the OSXWIFI kit? Currently running it in High Sierra- BT and WiFi connections are all working however, Speedtest is throwing a very slow download speed on average of 10Mbps. When running the...
  16. fernandosanchez

    Bluetooth working, but not wifi

    Hello guys, I've got an Acer Aspire v3-372t. Yesterday, I managed to install Mac OS Sierra. Installation went flawlessly. Appart from some glitches, which I believe are due to the lack of graphic kexts or whatever is needed for the graphics to work correctly, everything was working very...
  17. ness91

    New Gigabyte Z370N - no more WiFi support?

    Here it is. https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/Z370N-WIFI-rev-10#sp WiFi is Intel integrated. No more M.2 Broadcom cards will be compatible? Is it better to buy a MoBo with a H270 or Z270 chipset instead and getting a Kaby Lake CPU for full compatibility?
  18. Paperclipbender

    Regular Wifi working, but not 5G

    So I've been using 5G wifi on this computer for years since I built it, but I recently updated to Sierra, then moved, and I just now noticed that it's only picking up the normal 2.4 wifi in the area and none of the 5G signals. I can see them on my phone, but none on the desktop. So it's...
  19. AWY12

    Fenvi DT92

    I made the mistake of purchasing the wireless card that this site recommends. As many of you already know, the link now sends you to purchase the DT92 card from Amazon, since the correct card is out of stock. Has anyone had any luck with getting it to work in Sierra 10.12.6? If so, how did you...
  20. Campbellnz

    Are there any FV-T919s in stock anywhere

    I have looked on Amazon, Aliexpress and eBay but I can't seem to find any of these in stock, have they been discontinued or did I just pick a bad week to buy one. Finally what is the usual price of these in USD so I know if I am getting a good/bad deal?