1. Rweakins

    Revert Hackintoch/Dual Boot to windows machine

    I was told I should try starting a thread here to get some input. A while back I built a hackintosh using multibeast/chimera but it's been out of commission because of a couple of moves and life in general. Now I have some shifted priorities and needs from my setup and want to basically wipe...
  2. fannar182

    My Hackintosh is a mess.. I need help doing a fresh install

    I built my first Hackintosh last week and it's a total mess. I installed Sierra and everything worked fine (the wifi included) but then I installed the NVIDIA Web Drivers and lost my Wifi and I spent nearly 4 hours trying to get it back by running MultiBeast again and again with different...
  3. kadunkadunk

    Unable to Repartition/Recover Wiped HDD!!

    I was in the process of creating a dual boot with ML/W7, and I backed up and then attempted to wipe my 3TB WD HDD. The drive was originally partitioned into 3 separate 1TB partitions, and I was only able to erase one of them and the other two (Sasquatch and Godzilla), are acting unusual and...