1. Corss

    Merge unallocated space in a partition (NTFS)

    Hi, I have a huge problem. When I first installed High Sierra yesterday, I chose to partition my 1TB hard drive in two equal partitions (both formatted in Mac OS Extended (Journaled)) because I wanted to install Windows in dual boot. Today, I tried to install Windows, but when I first tried to...
  2. insalada

    Sierra OSX Drive corrupted by Windows Paragon HFS+ but still accessible. Help!

    Hi Team, I am trying to avoid the unavoidable: Yesterday I had the great idea of installing the software Paragon HFS+ in my windows partition (booted from clover) with the thought of having better compatibility between both system. BIG MISTAKE. The software installs a couple of drivers and...
  3. TheKey13

    Windows Install Problem

    Hello mates. Got my Build up and running smooth on mac with a geekbench score of around 29400. now i spent all my afternoon trying to install windows 10 with a usb created on a windows laptop and the media creation tool. It boots up properly but its when i get to select my second ssd drive and...
  4. DaniRCDE

    QuadBoot questions

    Hi all, I have some questions obout multi booting with clover. These pasts days I've been trying to install and run a Hackintosh with El Capitan in my PC and I have finally done it. But now, I want to install Ubuntu and Kali Linux too in the same drive (hdd gpt of 3TB), and the problem comes...
  5. nagol68

    Lenovo y700

    Hello, I'm just coming back to the Hackintosh world. I have tried to installed OSX on a Windows PC many times, with no luck. Every time was a unsupported AMD CPU. Now im back, with a new computer. I have a Lenovo y700 with 16gb DDR4 RAM, i7-6700hq, 1TB HDD, 256SSD, and a 4k touchscreen. My...
  6. chazy

    How to remove the dual boot windows partition?!

    Hello. Wrote in some other post cause I've problem with my clover configuration after the update of High Sierra. The problem is that, after the update, the autostart timer don't work anymore on Clover. Tried all the configuration and all the suggestion, but nothing. So, couse I've a bluetooth...
  7. RyanKluff

    Using Windows to install drivers

    Hello all, I just finished building my first hackintosh and the only thing left that I have to do is install my thunderbolt card driver. I have a gigabyte z370xp SLI mobo, i7 8700k, one samsung ssd, and the gc alpine ridge thunderbolt 3 card. I need to install the driver for the thunderbolt...
  8. ericvangs14

    Clover cannot detect Windows

    Happy New Years all, I have a stable build at this point. However, upon boot, Clover does not detect my Windows 10 drive. I have Default Boot Volume = LastBootedVolume I have Legacy = PBR Timeout = 3 seconds (it never auto boots either, ugh) GUI in Clover Configurator Scan is set to Legacy...
  9. BudgetNoob18

    $650 to $700 build advice please

    Hey guys (guys is used loosely, I do not mean to trigger anyone:lol:), I am on a tight budget as the title explains. I want a future proof build for later upgrades when I have a extra cash on me. I would like for the build to run dual OS for some casual gaming and video/photo editing. Thanks.
  10. stephentuso

    [SOLVED] Can't reinstall Clover after installing Windows

    SOLVED - see edit I am still learning how UEFI works so not sure what's happening here. I have two hard drives installed and wanted to dual boot Windows and Mac OS, I already had Sierra and Clover installed on one. After reading some guides it sounded like I should have installed Windows first...
  11. witampanstwa

    [solved] Laptop battery problem

    Hello. I have installed vanilla Mac OS X Sierra on the disc where I also have my Windows 10, Ubuntu and another Mac OS installed (each on a different partition of course). Everything works fine, except that when I boot to Windows and then disconnect my laptop from the charger, it randomly...
  12. Aft3rmath

    High Sierra 10.13.2 and Windows in Parallels through Multibooting

    Hi there, first of all thank you for this excellent resource! And second - sorry for my English. While I'm waiting for my hardware to arrive, I would like to clarify some moments. The hardware is: Mobo: Gigabyte Aorus Z370 Gaming 5 CPU: i7-8700k Graphics: Gigabyte GTX 1080 Ti Gaming OC Other...
  13. merkaman

    Hackintosh - CPU overheating but only sometimes.

    Hey guys, Really appreciate the help in advance. My hackintosh has both Mac and Windows partitions. My friend built me an hackintosh about a month and a half ago. It's performance wasn't consistent and I didn't really question it until recent. Recently I switched from playing PUBG to mac to...
  14. menik

    Clover bugs with Windows SSD - weird workaround

    Hey there, I have a Problem when I choose my Windows Disk at Clover: The Screen stays black until I press a key. Then the blue windows Logo appears and it stays like this until I press a key again do the white loading points appear BUT: I have to wait around 20 seconds before the blue windows...
  15. np112983

    Windows Boot Logo

    Hello Everyone, I have a triple booted system, UEFI High Sierra, Windows 10, and Ubuntu 17.10. Everything works perfectly except when windows boots instead of the regular boot logo I get my bios boot screen in its place(see attached picture). Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  16. nadidu31

    Make VGA & HDMI work at the same time on H97 Intel 4600 Graphics (works but badly)

    I turn on a dual boot (Windows 10 & High Sierra with Clover) and when I plug my VGA screen at the same time as HDMI all works with Windows 10 and the same on Mac but when turns on the computer I have to unplug the VGA because mac becomes all pink and the image jumps. It works but not properly...
  17. Laur3nt1u

    Install OS X for iMac without the iMac

    My friend is working abroad and he took with him his 27" Mid 2010 iMac. I've install Windows to dual boot on the same HDD without Boot Camp (because it didn't work), and now after some years he needs to change the HDD because it's dead. He wants me to install OSX and Windows on a new HDD and...
  18. dwideschrude

    Apple Keyboard with Windows 10 - Best AutoHotKey Boot Camp Script

    Hello all! Like many of you, I've been a Mac user for many years and whenever I use Windows I always want the keyboard shortcuts to be the same - especially if I'm using an Apple Keyboard designed for macOS. If you're dual booting your Hackintosh with Windows I think you'll find this especially...
  19. iTechMan427

    [Guide] ASUS Maximus VIII Formula Dual Boot Windows & High Sierra - Audio Working!

    Create USB Installer Format flash drive as Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and GUID Partition Map in Disk Utility. Create a Mac OS High Sierra USB installer with UEFI Boot Mode selected using Unibeast. Copy Clover Configurator, FakeSMC.kext, Kext Utility, apfs.efi, and Multibeast: High Sierra to...
  20. iosiris

    High Sierra Dual boot UEFI APFS and windows 8.1 or 10

    High guys I just finish to install my HP 250 G6 with High Sierra and i wonder if is possible to do a dual boot (same drive) with windows. I use clover UEFI and APFS file system. Or i don't know if is possible to install with bootcamp in a hackintosh. Thanks a lot for your help Best regards