1. franzderheld

    High Performance Hackintosh for Rendering & Gaming

    Hello all, I'm using Mac computers for 11 years now. Before I switches to Mac I have built multiple PCs with Windows and not had any problems. Now I'm trying to build my first Hackintosh because Apple can't deliver the performace I need (at least not for the budget I have). Does anyone has tips...
  2. Fadedboy

    Triple booting my gaming pc

    I recently made my gaming pc and i would like to have an accurate and up to date way to triple boot my pc with windows 10 (already installed), ubuntu budgie and Mac os high sierra. If you need more info just ask me. Edit: i might not reply for a while it is 00:13 am in my region
  3. xXTheCreepyBoyXx

    I need help...

    Hello tonymacx86's Community, I have these problem: I have the .app for install macOS but I don't have any Hackintosh or Mac to create the bootable USB, there is any way to create the USB with Windows using the .app installer?
  4. RehabMan

    Will I be able to install any OSX version in my Lenevo g40-80 Laptop?

    Follow the Clover guide linked from the FAQ. Although you should read the FAQ for an overview of issues, the Clover guide is linked from the first question: "Q. Where do I start?", just...
  5. J

    Will I be able to install any OSX version in my Lenevo g40-80 Laptop?

  6. PakistanesMaster

    USB dont show in bios

    Hello guys. So I have a bit of a problem. I have an asus pc and I want to instal the mac High Sierra. I did the bootable usb perfectly fine, I know that because after disabeling secure boot I was able to start the instalation but once it started my usb stoped working. I thaught the problem was...
  7. BhAvZzZ

    Windows drives not mountable in 10.13.4

    So I have my hackintosh up and running perfectly in a dual boot with windows 10 and the following hardware: Mobo: Asus z170 Pro Gaming CPU: 6600k GPU: nVidia gtx1080 Ram: 32gb My issue is: windows is installed on an NVme drive and while the drive is detected in disk utility, I always seem to...
  8. SIjano

    iMac 2013 using as external display

    Hey, I don't know I am right here but I want to buy me an iMac mid 2014. I want to use my Windows PC sometimes so I want to connect it to the iMac wich is then used as an normal display. I know that the iMac 2014 only supports thunderbolt in the target display mode. Is it possible that I buy...
  9. AkiraBA

    Dual Boot on separate drives - clover can't boot windows

    Hello ! I've been running High Sierra as my main os for the last few months on SSD. Today I installed Windows 10 on another SSD. After many issues I've finally been able to make it work. Now my issue is running macOS as my main OS and being able to boot on Windows. I've tried putting my mac SSD...
  10. Bapple

    How to De-Hackintosh my PC

    Hey guys, I'm moving and there's a good chance that I'll be selling my computer rather than taking it with me, which means that I need to take Mac OS off and put Windows 10 back on. I've created a windows 10 flash drive, and while my Asus Z97-M Plus recognizes the flash drive, I can't boot...
  11. Nortonyodles

    Mystery phantom boot EFI for windows won't go away

    I've been methodically removing several boot options that show up in my bootloader for reasons unknown to me using the method outlined in this post: I'm finally left with a single unwanted boot icon in clover bootloader...
  12. LightfaceMedia

    Video Editing HARDWARE (video card) for FCP X and RESOLVE

    HACKINTOSH SYSTEM: OSX Yosemite on Solid State, Asus X99 Deluxe, i7 3.0ghz 5960X (8 core) processor, 32g Crucial DDR4 RAM, Nvidia Gforce GTX 980 (4g ram), Asus Thunderbolt 3 PCIe card, Thunderbolt 3 4 bay RAID0 striped in OSX utility (no 3rd party RAID controller software) Please forgive my...
  13. matheusafonso

    [solved] After installing Windows 7, I can not boot by clover (Legacy))

    Hello darlings, Sorry for my english I would like some help from you! I already have the Hackintosh Sierra installed on my laptop running perfectly, with no problems performing a boot by clover, but this week I decided to create a partition on my single HD SATA and install Windows 7. After...
  14. Sameerh4

    Gaming/Video Editing Hackintosh Build Help

    I'm currently an iMac user (for editing on Final Cut Pro X) and at one point had built a separate PC for gaming. I ended up selling my PC to upgrade for better gaming performance. I’m now wanting to sell my iMac and built the ultimate all in one package. I want to build a Hackintosh so I can...
  15. Shad0walker

    Windows Update/Install no success with Clover on Lenovo Y50-70

    I have a dual boot System : win10 / El cpaitan on my lenovo y50 70. I santi update Windows 10 hit, when i try it, i get a error that say me that i can't do it. When i boot windows 10 ver 1709 installation by the USB, the installation complete but i get this error to end. What can i do? I...
  16. Volurex

    Will These Components Work?

  17. lavavex

    Apple Bootcamp HFS Read Only Windows Drivers

    Hi fellow Hackintoshers! I have created a simple script that will install the Apple HFS Read Only drivers from Bootcamp on any Windows PC! This script is the effort of an hour of just googling stuff and copy pasting commands with minimal edits (Cause I'm Lazy) but should work on any computer...
  18. alex1304

    [PRO HELP NEEDED] macOS hackingtosh help

    So, I have decided that I want to continue my computer journey on a macOS. I don't have enough money to spare to get a new iMac or something so for now I would like to use my current PC. Now my specs aren't that great but for what I need it, it's enough. Intel Pentium G4400 no OC AsRock...
  19. th3us3r

    Cannot unmount windows disk/pratitions > very slow shut down/restart

    I have a strange problem. Recently I added to my Hackintosh windows drive with 2 partitions on it. All works fine, but I've notice shut down takes significant amount of time. Also its impossible to unmount windows drive or any of its partitions, neither from Disk Utility nor Terminal. In Disk...
  20. lukenfzw

    [Solved] Text on Screen While Booting With Clover (Dual Boot)

    Hey guys, Brand new Hackintosher here! Hope I'm posting my question in the right place. So I've been getting this message before each boot (refer to image). It hasn't affected booting in any way, just another one of those guys irked by having an "imperfection" on screen each time I power up...