windows 7

  1. abin0992

    Dual boot does not work, windows 7 and yosemite

    i followed this guide and installed yosemite during installation i created another partition for installing Windows 7 then i installed windows 7. Now laptop directly boots to...
  2. abin0992

    Dual boot doesnot work. cannot boot to mac OS X without usb

    i installed OS X yosemite on my lenovo G570 using USb made in unibeast. i divided my partition into two equal halfs of 300 GB each. installed yosemite on 1 st drive. Then i used multibeast. then i i installed wondows 7 on another harddisk now. My laptop directly boots to windows 7. If i plug my...
  3. Coliningus

    Tips for installing (somewhat) unique Yosemite and Windows 7 dual boot system

    Hi folks, I'm looking for some tips on setting up a hackintosh build to dual boot Yosemite and Windows 7 on the following components: MB: Gigabyte GA-Z97N-WIFI CPU: i3 4370 HD4600 Memory: Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB Samsung 850 Pro 256GB SSD (for both OS's) WD Blue 1TB HDD (storage for files from...
  4. EvilPizza

    Dual boot on existing Hackintosh 10.10.3

    Hey guys! quick question! I have a successful Hackintosh (everything is working splendidly) and I want to add a windows installation without f***ing everything up. The current hardware is Gigabyte Z87 UD3H Intel I7 4770k 16GB Ram DDR3 1600mhz SSD OSX fusion drive for data Now, I have an...
  5. mnabilsh

    Restoring Windows 7 System Recovery Image after installing Yosemite

    Hi guys, I want to install Yosemite on my work laptop given by the office (not my personal laptop), it's HP Probook 440 G2. It has pre installed Windows 7, Office and other paid applications. I have administrator account type. What's the safest method to install Mac OS? Should I make a backup...
  6. IZhirkov

    Dual boot, without format.

    Hi! I'm new in this forum... I have searching the way in witch I can install the Snow Leopard. But only I have a HDD with 2 TB of storage, with Windows 7 Ultimate, and 1200 GB being used for me. Can I install the Snow Leopard without reformatting my hard drive? Thanks in advance!
  7. brendo234

    Dual boot system, Cloned hard drive - Can no longer boot into Windows

    I had my dual boot hackintosh running great... until my hard drive began to fail. Luckily, I was able to clone it to a new drive. However, now I am unable to boot into Windows. I've tried booting with my Windows 7 disk to do a system repair, but I get errors that the install disk is an older...
  8. Triggerfish

    Dual Boot Question: Mavericks & W764 2 Drives

    Hi All, I built my system last year for audio production and love it! I'd now like to make it a dual boot system (Mavericks and 7 Ult 64) and I'm preparing to start installations from scratch. I see the instructions for completing it with 2 partitions on 1 drive. How about 2 separate drives...
  9. ejdzej

    Clover legacy setup Windows 7 boot option missing (Yosemite)

    I installed Clover with the tonymacx86 legacy setup, and it works fine. Installed the audio patch as well. However, when I boot from Clover, the Windows boot option is not there. I have to boot to windows through BIOS. I went through "Clover Configurator" each option, and there is nothing there...
  10. F00LY

    Windows 7 / Yosemite / 2 different SSDs - Motherboard ASUS P8P67 EVO

    Hey guys! First post here. I am trying to build a customac. Doing the Windows 7 installation now, Mac Yosemite tomorrow. I already created the bootable flashdrive for Yosemite and have it ready to go. When installing Windows 7 first, do I need to do anything specific or change anything with my...
  11. EM.N

    Need Help for Dual boot Windows 7 and Yosemite OS X

    Hi , I am totally new to Hacintoshing as called, and I got registered on this forum which is amazing just for 3 hours reading the all stuff but I think I need more clear Guide, I am currently learning about programming iOS apps, but the thing is that I need to have Mac or Macbook etc. And I...
  12. pablovanwetten

    Thinkpad x220 Dual boot Windows 7/Mavericks guide?

    Hello everyone. Could anyone point me to a guide to doing this please. I have a thinkpad x220, i7, 4gb ram, SSD 160gb I have seen a guide but none seem to be specifically for the setup I desire. I am aware that it is possibly a combination of two guides that are out there already, just...
  13. kogski

    Windows 7 black screen after log on - dual boot with yosemite

    I install Yosemite on a different HDD, then upon booting to windows 7 which is installed on a differnt SSD after Windows log-on black screen will appear. but when i try to remove my HDD with the Yosemite Installed it Windows 7 works. So please help... Yosemite - Installed on 3tb HDD Windows 7...
  14. thestarman2112

    Help Determining Cause of BSOD BCCode 124

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out what the source of my BSOD is. I've been having this problem for several weeks. It does not always crash, but when it does, it is usually after I have recently turned on my computer. It displays the blue screen error shuts down, tries to reboot, shows a quick...
  15. Doccool

    Newbie trying to triple boot, looking for some help.

    Hello! So i recently decided to multiboot my computer, more specifically Windows 7, Yosemite and Ubuntu 14.10. I am able to complete OSX installation, go on and install windows and up to this point everything is fine (as far as I can see) except that I have to boot into Yosemite with...
  16. hanosky

    Yosemite & Win 7 Boot Problems

    Hi guys, I've just installed Yosemite on my PC. So here is the thing. I have one 500GB HDD with the fresh new Yosemite installed and one 256GB SSD with Windows 7. I am using Chimera for booting. I want to have the option to choose between Win 7 and Yosemite... When I try to boot from Chimera on...
  17. Terrycharge

    Is my Win 7 computer compatible with Blu-ray playback?

    I have a Win 7 computer which I have been using for almost 4 years. I'm not sure if I can play Blu-ray on it.
  18. wyrdup

    Windows 7 Bootable USB not working

    I have a (mostly) working Hackintosh (build info here:, and I need to install Windows 7 to do some troubleshooting. My startup drive is partitioned and ready...
  19. emirmkd

    Dual boot Hackintosh and Win7 on two HDDs

    Hey guys, I'm really sorry if there is a similar post on the forum, but I believe this might be a specific question due to my custom specs and maybe unique (even though I doubt it) case. Let's start with what I have: Currently I have Windows 7 installed on my SSD and I have a 1tb HDD attached...
  20. appreciative

    Installing SL under existing Grub 2?

    Hi, I'd like to install my copy of Snow Leopard 10.6.3. I've already got Windows 7 and Fedora installed with Grub 2 in the MBR. I've seen guides which let you have Clover manage all three, but I was wondering if it were possible to install SL under my existing Grub 2 so I can triple boot without...