windows 7

  1. Enigmactic

    Fallout from Windows 7 Error 0xC0000005

    Hi All [Clover 5151, from memory. Sierra. Z170, i5-6600.] This is a question about my being unable to access my MacOS partition after installing Windows, please. [I tend towards verbose, so I shall tell the story as I understand it, without qualifying everything.] In my 5-ish -year-old...
  2. CharlesClaypoole

    How to "Dual Boot Windows 7 and OS X Snow Leopard Using Chameleon" starting with Windows 7

    Where do I start if I already run Windows 7 (Professional) , and I want to do this Dual Boot, and I have the Snow Leopard install disc, but not a Windows 7 disc ??
  3. renandsgn


    Does anyone know how to solve it? I do not know what else to do Note: - Disk is in GPT table schema - partition is in the correct format (journaling) - I have Windows 7 installed on another partition and the goal is to install OSX keeping the Windows 7 installation intact. - the partition has...
  4. norisgiant

    Burn ISO to USB bootable

    I am trying to install Win7 on my laptop (currently with win10). I made a password reset disk with Rufus. But the computer failed booting from it, says can't find a bootable device. The win 7 iso file is downloaded from microsoft website.
  5. Worldi

    Intermittent Black boot. GTX 780 6GB. El Capitan. Mac Pro 3,1.

    Greetings! Please read this entire post in context, as there's more going on here than what can be deduced at first glance. I've searched far and wide and have yet to find another person having the issue I'm having. Intermittent black screen at boot after installing the latest version of El...
  6. FlyerTitan

    Upgrade from Mavericks to High Sierra on a dual boot/Win 7 HP 4530S

    Greetings all, Returning to the forums after a long time away. Did several searches but didn't find any topics that specifically address the questions that I have, so, here goes: I currently have an HP 4530s Probook with Win 7 UEFI and 10.9.5 (Mavericks), Clover Bootloader. Everything works...
  7. gilmor

    Windows 7 + High Sierra First Build

    Hi Folks, Been reading here for the last few weeks. What a great forum! This is my first Hackintosh build. I’m hoping for a smoothish installation and driver support for both Windows 7 and High Sierra. I’m not set on any of the components so if you have recommendations I’d love to hear them...
  8. pmdevita

    Clover only boots Windows with Intel GPU

    Hello! I'm trying to boot Windows from Clover. If I am using the Intel GPU, the boot process goes normally and I get to the Windows log in screen. However, if I insert my Nvidia GPU, switch it as my primary graphics, and boot Windows from Clover, it doesn't complete. The boot animation plays...
  9. charlysole

    Weird dualboot Sierra and Windows 7 same hd

    Process: First i have installed Sierra on half of my hd. Multibeast and Clover bootlader too. Everything works perfect! Then i installed windows 7 on the other half After reboot and for my surprise clover bootloader remains active after windows 7 installation (Expecting windows 7 bootloader to...
  10. RetroRocker

    Yosemite/Win7 Hackintosh suddenly won't boot MacOSX or show Win7 as a boot option - help!!

    I've been running a stable multi-boot build for a couple of years with basically no problems, and then on the early evening of New Years eve it suddenly started refusing to boot the way it has reliably been doing, for no apparent reason. Seriously, I've done nothing, no changes to startup...
  11. karea12

    [HELP] Dual boot / Sierra + Win7 / I messed it.

    Hello beloved friends from tonymacx86, I recently (two weeks ago) managed to install my hackintosh, everything is running fine (some minor glitches with OpenCL & OpenGL on EVGA 970). But, before I install my macOS Sierra I had two HDD. One had Windows 10, and the another had Windows 7, I'm not...
  12. ChristianMortera

    [SUCCESS] ProTools11/i74790k/ASROCKz97Extreme6/Thunderbolt2/GTX950/16GB/Yosemite 10.10.5/Windows7

    ChristianMortera's ProTools 11 Build: i7-4790K - ASRock Z97 Extreme6 - GTX 950 Components ASRock Z97 Extreme6 LGA 1150 Intel Z97 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard ASRock Add-On Card Model Thunderbolt 2 AIC...

    MSI PE60 6QE (with upgrades) El Capitan Compatability Concerns

    Hello All, I am brand new here and have some questions that I have not seen answered before in the forms yet. I have an xotic pc modified MSI PE60 6QE laptop that, unfortunately, cannot run several audio programs I use for performance on windows. As such, I wish to keep windows for gaming, as...
  14. WadeBrody

    Windows 7 and OS X Snow Leopard

    So say I have two hard drives or solid state drives, and I want to out Snow Leopard using iBoot on one, and put Windows 7 using an installation disk on the other drive. So what my question is: When I turn on the computer, how would I boot to Snow Leopard, or how would I boot to Windows 7? Thanks...
  15. thiagobenine

    No Boot Device Available (using Windows 7)

    I erased my 16GB SanDisk Flash Drive (Mac Os Extended Journaled, GUID Partition scheme) and make it bootable with UniBeast 6.1 (UEFI, ATI Graphic). After that, I configured my BIOS. Does anyone know why I'm getting this error?
  16. x130844

    new motherboard lost USB in windows?

    I had a working system, clover, OS X + windows on different drive. I decided to switch motherboard. , kept everything else the same. OSX no prob. all works well. But now when I boot in windows 7 (ultimate), the login screen (user/passwd) my mouse/keyboard aren't responding I tried all USB ports...
  17. josh.jennings

    Problems with installing Win 7 on 10.11 Hackintosh

    I'm having quite a bit of difficulty with booting to the installer USB with Windows 7 in a dual-boot setup with my hackintosh 10.11.2. My hardware/software setup is: Gigabyte GA-Z97-HD3 (Legacy and UEFI modes both enabled) i5-4690 120GB SATA SSD with Mac already installed 250GB SATA HDD that...
  18. max9000

    Clover MBR Windows 7 Legacy boot?

    I cannot for the life of me get Clover to boot windows 7 MBR install on second drive. This computer had chimera working, but to get the iMessage issue working I installed Clover. I installed following legacy install of clover on EFI part on the Mac 10.10.5 drive. OS X boots fine. But clover...

    Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 on existing triple boot with clover in EFI

    Hey everyone! Thank you for the help @nguyenmac sorting out the triple boot a while back. So her's what I have: Triple boot PB 4540s with 10.10.5, Windows 7 Ultimate x64, and Ubuntu all installed in EFI on single hard drive with clover as my bootloader. Everything works well, and everything is...
  20. franek6789

    Bootlader ERROR (Dual-boot Yosemite and Winodws)

    Hi, I have a problem relating to the UEFI Bios, my Yosemite is working fine and I have very little issues with it, so I wanted to dual booted with windows 7 and I get an error when trying to boot into windows 7 is sends me a message boot loader missing or something like that, however I am using...