windows 10

  1. Jordanson

    Trying to dual boot Windows 10 and El Capitan

    First, I have searched the forum thoroughly before making this post. I need confirmation. I currently have an intel-based pc running Windows 10 and am looking to dual boot with El Capitan. I have created a partition. Will the following link found on this site suffice? Thank you in advance...
  2. CosmicHashbrown

    Dual Booting Windows 10 and OS X El Capitan

    Hello I was wondering how to dual boot OS X with Windows 10 already installed. I want to install it on a seperate hard drive and my Windows was installed on Legacy I'm pretty sure, my BIOS mode is Legacy,
  3. ylair

    [solved] Troubleshooting Broadcom BCM94352z M.2 card on Asus Rog751 Laptop

    I am unable to get my Broadcom BCM94352z card to work in an Asus Rog G751 with 10.10 successfully installed on it. The machine comes stock with an Intel Dual Band Wireless AC7260 card, but intel cards are not compatible with Mac OS so I replaced it with the former. I followed instructions on...
  4. Signify

    I think Clover is breaking Windows 10

    Hi I have El Capitan and Windows 10 installed on the same SSD (I know it's not recommended, but I had Yosemite + Windows 8.1 with Chimera because I don't have another SSD and it worked just fine). If I try to enter Windows 10 from Clover, It says Windows needs to be repaired. When I repair it...
  5. ramy_chaos

    HELP! Can't boot Windows 10 from Clover UEFI

    Hey there, guys! I could really use your help figuring out how to boot windows 10 from Clover because it's annoying as **** having to do the F12 thing every time. Here's what I did: 1) Installed OSX El Capitan on HDD1 2) Went through all the post-installation stuff and got that done. Even...
  6. samxx

    Install El Capitan on a partition

    I have windows 10 and Im doing my first hackintosh. Can i install OSX in the D partition. Will clover still recognize windows 10?
  7. LuneTech

    Hakintosh Build HELP w/ NEW 2016 components

    I want to build a Hakintosh and dual boot Windows and Mac os. I've done it before, but it didn't work that well because the parts weren't compatible too well. This time I'm going to make sure I pick out compatible parts, but the problem is I'm going to build a computer with the newest 2016...
  8. Grauchi

    El Capitan / Windows 10 Dual Installation Succesfully

    Hi everyone! So, after a couple of years of happy relationship with my stable Mountain Lion, I decided to update and improve adding a dual boot installation (using a partition I made for testing purposes). I felt kind of scared when I saw that recommendations had changed from Chimera to Clover...
  9. kickokim

    New SSD for HP Probook - Dual Boot Windows 10 and OSX El Capitan - Clover

    Hello, I bought a new SSD (960GB) I want to dual Boot Windows 10 and OSX El Capitan using Clover, how should I proceed? I was thinking of restoring a time machine backup for OSX, but I don't know if I should install windows or osx first and if there is anything I should know. I found some guides...
  10. Filyox3

    Multi boot - El Capitan and Windows 10 on same SSD

    Hey all! First of all, I want to apologise if my question is already answered, but I've been searching the forums and couldn't find proper solution. Let's get to the question. As you can see from my signature I have Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E540, which came with 1TB HDD. Since it has M.2 port I...
  11. JTimson

    Yosemite for HP Envy Laptop

    Need help :) Thank you guys for everything! The guides have been so thorough and I'm grateful to be this far.
  12. Mudgee

    Windows 10 user

    I would like to try OS X El Capitan but how do I get started making the usb image if I'm only running Windows 10 at the moment? I read the getting started guide and it seems to presume you have some OS X system already installed? I don't. I wanna follow the guide here. How can I get a copy of el...
  13. SpidMon12

    [Guide] ASUS N550JX El Capitan install, Triple-Boot with Windows 10 and Linux Mint

    [GUIDE] ASUS N550JX El Capitan install, Triple-Boot with Windows 10 and Linux Mint This guide is specifically for the ASUS N550JX, but some of these settings will likely be compatible with other Asus N-Series laptops You will need purchase a new WiFi card. I chose to purchase the Broadcom...
  14. RaulBustosLV

    Building doubts (about hardware)

    Hey guys! I'll try to specific my doubts (cuz I'm spanic and not completly good in english) I'm buying mys stuff to build my "Hackintosh" but I was looking the buyer's guide and it says just a few DDRs are allowed (crucial brand) I don't know if I can use other brands like Hyperx, then I'm...
  15. MeatTowel

    [Clover] Still having issues with dual-booting Yosemite/Win10. Ideas?

    In my previous post awhile back, I tried a bunch of different things to get Dual Booting to work, and no suggestions worked. Please see link for more specific details about that. So, as a last resort, I bit the bullet and re-installed Windows on my second SSD. I still boot fine into OS X, but...
  16. Jeremymac1981

    Installing Windows and OS X on new PC

    Hi everyone I built a new PC and I would like to install Windows on one drive, and OS X on another. I am new to PC building and currently have MacBook with the latest OS X(10.11.4) and Windows (10) installed via Bootcamp. I would like to like to have the same setup on the new PC, and have...