windows 10

  1. raesive

    New Laptop - Dual Boot Win10/El Capitan on one SSD?

    I am researching laptops, and I think I have settled on a Dell Inspiron with a 1TB HD + 128GB SSD. It would obviously come preloaded with Windows 10. I would like to possibly dual-boot El Capitan with it. I have been reading about how to do this (I've only used mac until now, currently have...
  2. nevchris24

    I want to dual boot windows 10 and os x el captain (already have windows 10 and want to install el c

    i want to dual boot windows 10 which is already running and want to install el captain so i can dual boot I AM NEW TO THIS AND WANT SUPPORT TO DO THIS pc specs acer laptop travelmate p243m i3 3120m intel hd 4000 4gb ram 500 hd seagate hdd help will be appreciated alot
  3. Xantor

    Having trouble with El Capitan and Windows 10

    Heya everybody! So I recently installed a dual boot of El Capitan and Windows 10 on 2 SSDs with Clover. I still have a few issues and wanted to ask if someone had any idea how to fix them. If this is in the wrong forum I apologize. With the amount of pesky problems I have, I wasn't sure where...
  4. shoogarh

    Windows couldn't update computers boot configuration

    Hi, i have no idea why this is not working, but i am trying to install windows 10 UEFI on my hp probook, i followed the instruction to create bootable usb stick and created a 30GB MAC OS X extended partion, booted from windows EFI and during installation i get the Windows couldn't update...
  5. rhlprap

    Dual Booting

    Hey guys, I'm going to use disk maker x to make a bootable pendrive for the installation, my question is, how do I go about installing Windows 10 and dual boot, so that I get an option to select a particular OS at the boot screen? (sorry for noob post, this is my first build)

    El Capitan/Windows 10 dual boot UEFI. Windows won't boot up from clover.

    El Capitan/Windows 10 dual boot UEFI. Windows won't boot up from clover. [SOLVED] Hello there. I have run to a small problem with my dualboot configuration after I installed Windows 10 to my hackintosh. I have installed El Capitan and Windows 10 to separate HDD trough USB installers and they...
  7. gokumon16

    ASUS ROG - Hackintosh Help

    Hi, I have an ASUS ROG GL552 JX laptop with i7 - 4750 processor, Intel 5200 Iris Pro graphics + nvidia GTX 950m gfx, 16 GB 1600Mhz RAM, 1 TB HDD, with Windows 10. I am eager to install Mac OSX El Capitan on my laptop. Few queries to the experts: 1. Is it possible to install OSX El Capitan on...
  8. Logan Grey


    I find I enjoy helping other OS X self builder's and enthusiasts with their systems after I've been helped many times myself by this very community. This is a "straight to the point" guide, not "how I did it guide". HERE WE GO This guide has no guarantee it will work for you as it...
  9. scoreman

    Windows 10 USB installer won't boot (UEFI method)

    I have OSX installed and working through Clover for 1 year now. My MB is ASRock H97M Pro, UEFI. I installed clover on my Win 10 USB. I can get to clover screen but when selecting "Boot MS EFI..." it just refreshes. What I've tried: USB installer using RUFUS (GPT partition UEFI, FAT32)...
  10. atomitron

    Getting Clover to boot up before Windows 10

    Hi all, Apologies if this has been addressed before, and also because I am a complete novice when it comes to this sort of thing :) I recently got my first successful dual boot of El Capitan / Windows 10 on my desktop machine (ASUS P6X58 motherboard, 240GB SSD) which I really love, I just...
  11. petoma

    Windows not loading in Multi booting Windows 10 / El Capitan in different HD.

    Hello, Let me explain everything so it is easier to fix the situation as I have the feeling that it may not be difficult. I used to have only one hard drive so I had dual booting El Capitan & Windows 10 in the same hard drive working properly. No problem at all. The thing is that I was...
  12. DivinityFX

    Unable to install Windows 10.

    I have managed to successfully install El Capitan on my Hackintosh. I am trying to install Windows 10 UEFI on a separate HDD but it has been unsuccessful. I created a bootable Windows on USB using Rufus. The partition scheme and target system type is set as GPT partition scheme for UEFI...
  13. nicbaughman

    Clover Dual Boot El Capitan & Windows 10 Internet issue

    About a week ago I finished my first ever hackintosh build, installed clover and Mac OSX El Capitan was working like a charm. No problems with apple id, internet, sound anything! Beginners luck? This past week I decided I should get another SSD and load up Windows to have a dual boot...
  14. FliccC

    I might need some help! Dual Boot Win10 / El Capitan on same drive

    Hi, I tried multiple things now, red a lot of guides, but I feel a little lost. Would be nice if someone could help me out. I managed to install both Win10 Legacy and a El Capitan UEFI on one SSD. The partition scheme is like this: /dev/disk0 (internal, physical): #...
  15. Orerr

    Dual boot upgrade to El Capitan and Windows 10

    Hey there, I'm currently running a version Windows 8 and OSX Mavericks 10.9.2 I would like to upgrade to Windows 10 and OSX El Capitan respectively. What would be the best way to go about this? (I'm not interested in saving data by going for an in-OS upgrade option so a clean/fresh install...
  16. bkendig

    Can't install Windows 10 November update

    I'm trying to update Windows 10 (on my dual-boot Hackintosh) to the November update. Windows Update finds the update, begins to install it, then gets to the point where it reboots my PC. It reboots to Clover, and I select the bootable Windows partition, and the screen goes blank... And...
  17. paulsoulsby

    HP Probook 4530s Dual boot - Win10 upgrade

    Hi, I successfully turned my 4530s into a dual boot Win7 / Yosemite machine following the guide. It's been working absolutely perfectly :) However I'd really like to update the windows boot to windows 10. When I use the online installer it brings up the following error: and when I try an...
  18. Sennen

    Apple keyboard driver for Windows 10

    Version 6 of Boot Camp Support Software isn't yet available on, and I ran out of patience with Boot Camp Assistant (many attempts at modifying /Applications/Utilities/Boot Camp Here's what worked for me: In OS X, use the...
  19. digitalsin

    Samsung Sidesync

    Anyone having trouble with Samsung Sidesync? It installs fine but doesn't connect to my Note5,it works in Windows 10 but not Yosemite. Any help is much appreciated.
  20. Mudfaerie

    Windows 10 / Yosemite Dual Boot - Same HDD

    Specs MoboGigabyte GA-Z97M-D3HCPUIntel Core i5-4690GraphicsEVGA GeForce GTX 750 TiOther HardwareWiFi Adapter: TP-Link N900 Wireless Dual Band PCI Express Adapter Power Supply: Corsair RM 650W Context I built my Hackintosh with the idea that I would install a separate hard drive if I ever...