windows 10

  1. SpidMon12

    [Guide] ASUS N550JX El Capitan install, Triple-Boot with Windows 10 and Linux Mint

    [GUIDE] ASUS N550JX El Capitan install, Triple-Boot with Windows 10 and Linux Mint This guide is specifically for the ASUS N550JX, but some of these settings will likely be compatible with other Asus N-Series laptops You will need purchase a new WiFi card. I chose to purchase the Broadcom...
  2. RaulBustosLV

    Building doubts (about hardware)

    Hey guys! I'll try to specific my doubts (cuz I'm spanic and not completly good in english) I'm buying mys stuff to build my "Hackintosh" but I was looking the buyer's guide and it says just a few DDRs are allowed (crucial brand) I don't know if I can use other brands like Hyperx, then I'm...
  3. MeatTowel

    [Clover] Still having issues with dual-booting Yosemite/Win10. Ideas?

    In my previous post awhile back, I tried a bunch of different things to get Dual Booting to work, and no suggestions worked. Please see link for more specific details about that. So, as a last resort, I bit the bullet and re-installed Windows on my second SSD. I still boot fine into OS X, but...
  4. Jeremymac1981

    Installing Windows and OS X on new PC

    Hi everyone I built a new PC and I would like to install Windows on one drive, and OS X on another. I am new to PC building and currently have MacBook with the latest OS X(10.11.4) and Windows (10) installed via Bootcamp. I would like to like to have the same setup on the new PC, and have...
  5. Jeremymac1981

    Navigating existing MacBook Air w/ Windows 10 via bootcamp

    I decided to build a custom low-profile PC that can run both windows and OS X After a lot of reading and research here are the parts currently on the way Gigabyte G1 gaming ga-z170n gaming 5 mini itx motherboard Intel i5 6500 6m Skylake quad-core 3.2ghz EVGA GeForce gtx 950 2gb 128b gddr5 PCIe...
  6. waldgeist

    [SUCCESS] El Capitan 10.11.5 x Win 10 Dual Boot - GA-H81M-D2V - i7-4770 - R9 280X 3GB

    INTRODUCTION Back in 2010, I already built two Hackintosh machines and after working on a MacBook Pro and an iMac for almost 5 years, I decided to turn my existing gaming platform into a Hackintosh instead of buying a new Mac. I tried installing Yosemite or Mavericks (can't really remember) a...
  7. JerryAnderium

    Windows 10 doesn't boot in Clover

    I finally got to install El Capitan, everything was going well until i decided to boot windows, it could never boot using clover only with chameleon, so i decided for a fresh UEFI Install. I formatted my disk and installed El Capitan with any significant issue, then i proceeded to instal windows...
  8. richardp1512

    Newbie Help Please with OSX/win 10 Dual Boot

    Hi there, although not a novice PC and Mac user I've been looking at the Forums here and have had plenty of questions answered without posting, thank you. So I decided to build Hachintosh with 1 x SSD for OSX and 1 x SSD for Win 10, this seems to be the less hassle approach. So when I get to...
  9. LoicRock

    Boot options arch linux

    Hi , I need to add boot options to arch linux but I can't find where I can add it . I'm on triple boot Windows 10 / El capitan / Arch Linux . Thanks.
  10. MarcoGhi98

    El capitan and Windows 10 Legacy mode

    Hi, I installed el capitan on my samsung ssd using clover. Now I want to install in the same drive windows 10. I have already done a partition for it but I haven' t found a guide to install it... Anyone can help me ? Thanks in advance :)
  11. asu.smks

    Will reformatting my Windows Partition mess up my OSX partition?

    Hello, I have a laptop that is dual booting OSX Yosemite and Windows 10 using Clover. My question is quite simple, I have Windows 10 installed and want to reformat the partition and reinstall Windows 10. I have OSX installed on the same hdd and am wondering if reformatting my windows...