windows 10

  1. MTTP

    Windows won't boot unless Opencore Rebase Regions quirk is ON

    Hello everyone, i'm trying to figure out what's causing this problem: opencore sanity checker suggests to turn ACPI > quirks > RebaseRegions to OFF for comet lake cpus i have windows 10 installed on a separate ssd (GPT), and boot fails/freezes unless i keep RebaseRegions ON. Sometimes it just...
  2. moog84

    WIN10 partition won't boot in OpenCore but boots fine through BIOS

    Hi all, Have finished migrating from Clover to OpenCore and upgrading from Mojave to Big Sur. I had a Windows 10 partition which was booting fine with Clover/Mojave and still does if I select it in the BIOS boot screen. In OpenCore, even though it shows up as an option, it brings up a recovery...
  3. henry774656368281834

    Compaq CQ58 Hackintosh

    hello, i have a compaq CQ58 laptop with windows 10 and would like to know which macos i can install + instructions since i'm new to the field. Soryy for the bad English I come from Germany:) By the way, I already have a Mojave stick with UniBeast, but it doesn't want to boot, I don't know what...
  4. miliuco

    << Solved >> Windows boots from OpenCore but not from its own disk

    Hello everyone. Windows 10 is on an NVMe disk. From the OpenCore menu it boots perfectly, thanks to a manually created entry in config.plist with the PCI path to that disk. From the Windows 10 disk it does not start, blue screen appears with option to repair the startup but, when finished, it...
  5. woodentipu

    Fenvi T919 Driver for windows

    Does anyone have a backup copy of the Fenvi T919 driver for windows? Their site is down Thanks in advance.
  6. miliuco

    << Solved >> ScanPolicy: OpenCore Windows entry disappears

    OC 0.6.4 shows an entry for Windows 10 that is automatically generated without adding it to Misc - Entries, it simply detects the Windows disk and creates the entry in the menu, and from there Windows boots fine. Testing OC 0.6.5 I have seen that this automatically generated entry disappears...
  7. manosvouts

    Dual Boot Mac OS High Sierra And Windows 10

    Ηello guys i need your help. I installed Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6 before 2 day on my HP Compaq 8300 Elite, this installation was difficult for me because it was my first. Μany thanks to the tonymacx Forum for the information and the steps they gave me for the installation. I dont know from...
  8. passta

    Disable Fan on Disabled Nvidia 2080

    First Hack build, finally got everything I needed working the way I want except 1 thing I noticed that I have not figured out yet, the fan on the "disabled" Nvidia card, is always running when booted into MacOS. It's running at very low speed, the only reason I really even noticed it was...
  9. alexakos89

    OC 0.6.3 + Big Sur + Windows no BIOS BOOT

    Hello fellows , I experience a weird problem with OC 0.6.3 , Big Sur and Windows 10 If I boot windows 10 from OC I get 2 devices out of resources. code 19. Realtek audio and wifi is OFF If I boot windows 10 bypassing OC , windows 10 works just fine. and devices too If I boot windows 10 from OC...
  10. ogswra

    high sierra hackintosh trying to install windows 10 on second SSD.

    Hi. I will install win10pro using only my hackintosh. My question is: if I install win10 in a second hard drive, should I worry about the win installation mess with my boot, clover or whatever is already ok in my hackintosh? Sorry if the question is too stupid, I'm not so good at this. Thanks!
  11. kaern

    Please point me to the guide, if possible.

    Hello, I'd like to install hackintosh on my intel pc, but there is a problem The guide requires the mac to install and run unibeast, and this is not acceptable in my case Is there any guide...
  12. ThisWillTakeAWhile

    Working Dual-Boot of macOS Catalina and Windows 10

    Hi all. I just wanted to share my success in dual-booting macOS Catalina and Windows 10 on my PC. This whole thing, to be honest, was just an experiment I was expecting to fail, but I'm glad I managed to get it working. I’m not intending this as a guide, so please take my experiences with a...
  13. deaton.dg

    [Question] How can I view/edit nvram within Windows?

    I'm not certain this is the right place to ask this. If not, please redirect me elsewhere. I'm dual booting macOS Catalina and Windows 10 on a Gigabyte Z390M Gaming using Clover with native nvram. In Mac, I can view and edit the nvram using the `nvram` utility. Is there equivalent utility I...
  14. Avshabol

    Stuck at Apple logo, full bar, (Kernel issue?)

    Hello, I have been trying to make a Hackintosh since March and have been running into the same problem every time, no matter what forum or post or YouTube video that I follow. Every time I just get the Apple logo with the bar loading all the way with nothing afterwards. just stops. I got tired...
  15. Chalioh

    Does my laptop can handle a dualboot?

    Hi, i'ts been about 3/4 months that i use hackintosh high sierra and it works well but i usually play games that are only avaible in Microsoft Windows and other programs and i was wondering if my laptop can handle a dualboot w/ Macos High Sierra & Windows 10. Actualy i'm using Macos in my unique...
  16. cnnrward

    DSDT help for eGPU code 12

    I'm attempting to use the guide at to allow me to connect to my Razer Core X Chroma with an AMD RX 5700. When booted into Catalina, it works just fine. Windows 10 has issues. I keep getting error: Compiler aborting...
  17. rpdp-X

    PLEASE HELP to recover Windows

    This is what happened : I had a working windows 10 + high sierra running on my laptop. There were two bootloaders. The windows bootloader and clover. It was working perfectly until one day I accidentally replaced the EFI folder with the one from an OpenCore install USB of High Sierra. It ruined...
  18. nablus87

    << Solved >> Dual boot separate drive issue

    Hello, I have successfully installed Catalina and windows 10. I was able to rename them in clover to their respective names, and hide all unwanted partitions, except one. It is called boot from EFI. When I press the space bar on it to see the uuid, there is none, only the options boot and...
  19. rhart14

    Dual Boot Partitions Messed Up

    I am trying to dual boot OSX and Windows 10 on my desktop hackintosh. OSX is fully installed, and I have created Windows 10 install media on a flash drive. I am able to boot into the installer, but when I tell the installer to install in the unallocated space (~250gb), it creates 4 partitions...
  20. Aldaro

    [GUIDE] Multibooting Windows after macOS, and Linux have already been installed

    Multibooting: Installing Windows on your already setup hack Introduction: So, you just got your new hack up, and running eh? Of course, you have macOS working, and may've also installed your linux distribution of choice, but what about Windows? For many, having Windows around is a very...