windows 10

  1. underfl0w

    Reinstalling Windows 10 on dual boot system

    Hi all, I want to do a fresh install of Windows 10 (from a bootable USB stick) on my Windows assigned SSD as it's becoming a little cluttered and slow. I have High Sierra installed on a second SSD and two HDD's (each acting as storage for both respective OS's). I'm worried that when I perform...
  2. frotastic

    How do I install Windows on a up and running hackintosh? So I can dual boot?

    Couldn't find an answer to how to install windows 10 on a hackintosh (el capitan) already operating. Got legit copy I want to install. Thanks
  3. hakonko

    Running an LG Ultrafine 5K on Windows at 5K

    This solution has been discussed several places already, but I never seemed to find a conclusion on whether it works or not. For me it worked out of the box! My setup: LG Ultrafine 27" 5K Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Pro Wifi Intel i5–9600K Gigabyte GeForce 2070 Super OC Gigabyte Titan Ridge TB3 card...
  4. Campanis

    Machine boots DIRECTLY TO WINDOWS not clover bootloader. CANT ACCESS OS X

    I have dual boot system 2 drives one windows one OS X Clover seems to have disappeared on startup and the machine boots directly into windows 10 any idea on how to get clover bootloader back so I can choose which system to boot into?
  5. hle

    Newbie asking if this build works...

    Long short story I have been using my macbook pro for awhile and it's time for me to do the upgrade but with the price tag on mac pro/mini I couldn't afford it... Also I have absolutely no experience in general PC world so I'm just at the starting line. My plan is to try my best to build my...
  6. Podlipny

    Is it possible to access windows partition from Parallels?

    Hello, I have functional Hackintosh with 2 SSDs, on 1st Hackintosh partition, 2nd Windows 10 partition, and I would like to ask if is it possible to access Windows partition from Parallels 14. I already have virtualized Windows in Parallels, but I would like to access real WIndows 10 partition...
  7. Caycl

    Move Windows 10 installation to new SSD

    What would be the best/easiest way to perform this? I have a dual boot machine (OSX and Windows 10). Windows 10 is currently installed on an HDD, and I would like to hopefully move that installation into a new SSD. I tried cloning the disk and disconnecting the old HDD, but I get the 0xc000000e...
  8. vatsa131

    Does anyone have perfectly working BCM94352z/DW1560 Windows 10 1903 driver?

    Please provide working BCM94352z/DW1560 Windows 10 1903 driver? I tried dell & lenovo drivers but they don't work very reliably.
  9. tyrelius

    Solved > Multi Boot Multi Drive BSOD

    I'm having issues with trying to get my machine to boot properly. I have one drive with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, one drive with macOS Mojave, and one drive with Windows 10 1903. When each drive is plugged in on their own, they can boot just fine. When the macOS and Ubuntu drives are in, both will boot...
  10. Brunoinho


    Hi everyone! I know that I'm posting in the wrong place but I don't know where I can post it. So, I have a pc that's operating Windows 10, Yesterday I Bought a new ssd to install Mac OS, but I don't wanna lose all my apps and archives from Windows. Is there a way that I can install Mac OS and...
  11. imaskudworth

    Build recommendations for running MacOS audio recording/editing software, programs from the App Store, and Windows 10 via Bootcamp and/or Parallel

    This is my first build and I'm trying to build my Hackintosh so that it has full compatibility with programs that were designed/coded for Mac. I'm using it mainly for audio programs, using ProTools and Logic Pro. I'm also hoping to use Bootcamp or Parallel to run Windows 10 for gaming. ProTools...
  12. colinzeal

    Windows 10 Vega 56 OC DisplayPort not Working

    Hi All My current setup is: Intel i5-9600k Asus TUF Gaming Plus MSI Vega 56 Overclocked I have two displays connected. 1 via HDMI 1 via DisplayPort When I boot the system I can see the ‘splash’ screen on the DP display. When macOS boots into Mojave, the Apple and the login screen appears on...
  13. LuigiBros02

    Help with Hackintosh Dual Xeon

    Hi there, I'm new with Hackintosh and want to create a dual boot Windows 10 & Sierra machine. I tried installing El Capitan but it got a panic while booting. Any help would be appriciated! Specs: 2x Intel Xeon E5640 (2.66GHz no OC) AMD Radeon HD 6850 12GB DDR3-1066 ECC Memory
  14. Gobias

    Windows 10 Clover Icon

    Here's a Windows 10 icon I made for the tonymacx86 Clover theme if anyone wants to use it.
  15. Auramyst

    [URGENT!!] Partition in Clover Deleted Windows Boot Drive

    I never usually sign up for forums or make posts, but this is urgent! I’m in a bit of a panic here - I have an SSD (512GB) that has (or I guess had) Windows installed on it, and I created a separate partition for the Hackintosh (90GB) on the same drive. Well when I formatted the Hackintosh...
  16. bibeksaha

    Dual boot with Windows 10

    Hi I have installed Windows 10 on a 240 gig SSD and I use a 500 gig HDD to store files in it. I just want to know that if I can create a partition in that 500 gig HDD and install MacOS on it and finally dual boot the system.
  17. vagvalas

    [Help] No success on dual booting windows 10 on legacy bios

    I have install successfully clover bootloader with this settings my HW: ASUS p5p43td prom socket 775, q9400 gtx 760 4gb ram ssd 120gb intenso Install Clover in ESP, bootaf mbr, clover for bios legacy booting (64-bit sata drivers), bios drivers 64; apfsloader, audiodxe, fsinject, grubntfs-64...
  18. aliengfx

    Switching from 1 to 2 drives - Dual Boot macOS / Win

    Hi everybody, tomorrow I will receive my first M.2 drive and I will have to split the operating systems currently in dual boot on the same drive (SSD 500GB SATA) in this way: macOS on the new SSD M.2 250GB Win10 on the current SSD 500GB SATA I think I should proceed cloning the APFS Container...
  19. tylergassman

    Windows 10 Installer USB will not boot on new hackintosh

    Some background. I was able to easily boot and install the windows USB when I assembled this pc 2 weeks ago, but I decided to wipe the SSD and install macOS first using pastrychef's guide. I have the basic macOS install up and running, but when I try to boot from the windows USB UEFI partition...
  20. mauroenass

    HFS+ and NTFS HDDs problem - corrupt and missing files when dual boot and Paragon software use

    Hi. This is a bit of a weird one and it involves HDDs and file systems. I have a build of High Sierra working perfectly from day one. But now and then I boot in my Windows 10 SSD to update the GPU (AMD Sapphire RX580 Pulse 8GB) and once to configure my LED lights on the motherboard (Gigabyte...