win 7

  1. mmosharov

    Restore Windows boot

    Hi there! I have 32 bit CPU, one HD and legacy BIOS on my laptop (Lenovo Y430). On my drive I installed Windows 7 first, and then OSX Sierra. So it was MBR drive and I could boot Windows directly from it or OSX with Clover USB. That satisfied me because I did not want to try to make normal dual...
  2. holymans

    Clover - cannot boot existing Win 7 SSD from menu but can from UEFI Bios

    Hello all, I am having issues booting Win 7 SSD from Clover menu. That is, the Win 7 is selectable in Clover and almost boots up but crashes just before the windows 7 login screen comes up. I can boot Windows 7 without difficulty from UEFI menu bypassing the Clover. Currently using Clover...
  3. xective

    Asus R500VJ-SX073D dual booting problem.

    Hello, I have Asus R500VJ-SX073D. Here is link to more detailed information about laptop: Now, I have installed WIN 7 on my...