1. Frederikxdxd000

    Which WiFi card

    I want to buy a wifi card for my hackintosh. I want to use airdrop and unlock Mac via Apple Watch. Which one should i buy?
  2. kozmonot02

    Asus K53SJ wifi kext ?

    Do you have Asus K53SJ wifi kext ?
  3. cpl_jimmy

    DW 1820A Can't Boot

    Hi, So, after a couple month break I got back to my Lenovo 330S. And in the interim my DW 1820A arrived, CN-096JNT. I installed the card and tried booting, and then tried installing AirportBRCMFixup and BRCMPatchRAM3. And... well nothing, the system will not boot... but even worse... it...
  4. paox2za

    Intel Wi-Fi Kext w/ Auto-connect tools [Catalina]

    As we all know that multiple Intel Wi-Fi kexts are under development for quite a while. There are 2 kexts that currently working, AppleIntelWiFi.kext by a Chinese Developer (zhong?) and itlwm.kext and itlwmx.kext by zxystd. I believe the kext pretty much support majority of the Intel Wi-Fi, but...
  5. Marcell278

    << Solved >> Hackintosh not recognizing Ethernet

    I've just finished building a Hackintosh mainly for content creation and a little gaming on the side. The specs are as follows: CPU: Intel i5 9400F Mobo: MSI H310M PRO-M2 PLUS RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws 3000Mhz 8GB x2 GPU: Radeon RX580 PSU: Corsair CV550 (No Wifi or Bluetooth cards installed at this...
  6. D

    Wifi hangups with Fenvi T919 in Mojave

    Hi all, I have my hackintosh up and running (Mojave) with a Fenvi t919 connected to PCIEX1 on my asus z370-a ii mobo. wifi, handoff, airdrop (haven't tried bluetooth because i'm using a seperate dongle for that) etc worked out of the box with the fenvi, I had to use rehabman's Intel card...
  7. Giskard

    Best Z390 MB with firewire compatability and space for 4 PCIe cards

    I have built 2 desktop and 1 laptop hacks to date, still running good but its time to upgrade. I have 2 discreet studio set-ups, one that relies on a PCIe 424 card to connect up to 4 MOTU interfaces over firewire, another that connects to an RME fireface (better latency but less ways of...
  8. PucePhenix

    Which wifi and bluetooth card choosing ?

    Hello everyone ! I'm on Catalina 10.15.4 and I search for a wifi and bluetooth card. What is the best solution ? I saw this card on amazon ( https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B07T9JD93Y/?tag=tonymacx8607-21 ) Someone already test it ? And do you recommend to use it ? Thanks and have good day !
  9. Piero2411

    Catalina and Fenvi T-919 bad paired

    Hi everyone a few days ago I took a new nvme SSD for my hackintosh to install Catalina and increase performance. Unfortunately, I'm having several problems One of these is related to fenvi T-919. Bluetooth works well. I can use bluetooth mouse and keyboard without problems. The real problem...
  10. Piero2411

    Network problem with airdrop

    Hi a few days ago I switched to catalina and I had problems with airdrop. it works but very slowly which it didn't do with high sierra. To pass a .png photo it takes a few minutes and in the meantime it remains stuck as in the photo below. Definitely not the network card (Fenvi T919) Could...
  11. Accu

    No WiFi Symbol but BT - BCM94360CS2

    Hi guys, I have a huge issue. I bought my second Apple WiFi Card (BCM94360CS2), in the meanwhile. The problem remains the same. Bluetooth just works perfectly and appears as little icon in the top menu bar, however, I don't have WiFi nor do I get even the WiFi symbol appearing. As stated, I am...
  12. paperinik

    Working Wi-fi/Bluetooth PCIe for Gigabyte 4x slot?

    Hello I got a Fenvi fv-t919 which apparently does work only in 1x slots (which my MB doesn't have). Do you have: * a natively supported wifi/BT card (Airdrop OOB) * a Gigabyte MotherBoard (pretty recent) * the wifi card installed in a 4x, 8x or 16x slot to suggest this poor soul? I don't want to...
  13. bendover1993

    No keyboard or mouse or wifi

    Having troubles, hope you guys can help! Intel wifi, the only mouse that works on boot of installation is my usb wireless one. Internal keyboard and trackpad does not.
  14. huhu91

    Fenvi-T919 WiFi not working only Bluetooth!

    Hi, I just bought the Fenvi-T919 and the Wifi isn't working on my Hackintosh build. I inserted it into the only PCIex1 slot that is available for me since my Graphic card is in the way! I get this in the System Report.. My Hackintosh: Motherboard: Asus Z87-K Processor: Intel i7 4770 Graphics...
  15. vincenzo929292

    Samsung Ativ 7 NP730U3E and Catalina 15.10

    Samsung Ativ NP730U3e I need a hand .... 1) For WiFi (Intel Centrino Advance n3265) bluetooth works but WiFi does not, I have seen that they have developed AppleIntelWiFi drivers but I don't think they work. So my solution is to buy an Atheros with WiFi and Bluetooth. Which model do you...
  16. chatzki

    << Solved >> USB WiFi dongle prevents computer from reboot/sleep (TrendNet TEW-6**UB)

    Veterans, I need your help! I successfully built my second Hackintosh (in 8 years) based on i5 9600K/630 UHD/Z370-p, patched DSDT and SSDT following Rehabman's guides, everything works perfect except for sleep and reboot in Mojave (reboots in Sierra worked fine with the same configuration). The...
  17. keysun11952

    Lenovo BCM94350 work with Catalina?

    I've hackintoshed my Dell Precision 5520 to Catalina. Everything works just fine except WiFi. The laptop came with Intel 8265 AC, which is guaranteed not to work with macOS. I'm considering switching to a BCM94350ZAE from Broadcom, which is reported to work with some tweaks. However most...
  18. gavabri

    BCM94360CS2 - Catalina- Wifi and Bluetooth working but no Handoff and no Apple watch unlock

    Hi everybody, Just bought and installed in my hackintosh BCM94360CS2 card. Just booted and wifi and bluetooth worked oob. I can connect logitech bluetooth trackpad without any issue and connect to my home wifi. Also airdrop from my iphone works like a charm. The problem is that i cannot manage...
  19. salman.spectre

    BCM 94352HMB WiFi - Catalina Problems

    Hey, I recently installed Catalina 10.15.3 on my HP Spectre 13 x360 (13-ac013dx, i7-7500U) but I cannot get my WiFI (BCM 94352HMB) to turn on. The icon shows, but selecting the turn on option does nothing. The surprising thing is that I got the WiFi to work after my first few bootups with...
  20. RowenDJ

    Fresh installation of Catalina

    Hello! I have a Hackintosh with High Sierra and NVIDIA graphics card and I want to buy a new graphics card to be able to update to Catalina. I want to do a fresh install of it, I have all the data on a second hard drive so only need to reinstall the system on the SSD. These are my system...