1. franycio

    What is the best place to buy wi-fi cards for laptops in Europe?

    Yesterday I was gripped by boredom and decided to try to install High Sierra on my new HP Pavilion 15 ck013nl (i5 8250U, 940MX) I bought a week ago. I knew from the start I wouldn't have stuck fon any longer than maybe two hours with macOS because the latop has an Intel wi-fi card...
  2. cicciodux

    Wifi Killer 1535 AC

    Hi guys! After some years, is it actually possible to get a functional WiFi on High Sierra with a Killer 1535 or fresh new 1550? I try some guide with Broadcom but my laptop crash on windows part. Anyway, I'm on Clover. TY
  3. a1337

    TP-Link WDN4800 does not work on upgraded High Sierra

    I just purchased a TP-Link WDN4800 since I was having some problems with my TP-Link WN951N and it's supposed to work OOB. The problem is that it's not detected by macOS High Sierra, with it saying Wi-Fi: No hardware installed. The thing is, DPCIManager picks it up fine and I've tried using...
  4. a1337

    IO80211Family.kext and IONetworkingFamily.kext for High Sierra causing reboot

    I've been having a problem with my High Sierra system often rebooting randomly on startup, and I've narrowed down the issue to some WiFi kexts I've installed. I'm using a TP-LINK WN951N WiFi card and I checked a thread here on tonymacx86 that mentioned the use of the attached zip of kexts (I...
  5. magneto538

    [solved] Broadcom BCM94352 not working on Sierra

    I have just installed a Broadcom BCM94352 WiFi card in my new Hack build (see profile). I have followed the guide in the FAQ and installed all the kext necessary, but I can't get the WiFi working. Bluetooth works fine. I see the card in DPCIManager, but I cannot see any wifi option in...
  6. Lexstar

    DW-1820A/BCM94350ZAE WiFi / BT not working

    I bought the WiFi M.2 card (14e4:43a3) mentioned in the title thinking it would work well with OS X based on toleda's guide (https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/broadcom-wifi-bluetooth-guide.242423/). I have been trying to get it to work for a couple hours now but couldn't. Maybe you guys have a...
  7. premier213

    problem wifi on acer E5 753G [Sierra 10.12]

    hi,whats up my problem is wifi on my hackintosh not work ! i install all driver but not work ! in network not show wifi but show Ethernet,please help me !
  8. BastianAndre

    Best Motherboard + WiFi/BT Combo

    Hello everybody, Firstly: After years of abstinence to the hackintosh community I am excited to see how much it has grown! It's great to see your passionate guides and the generous helpfulness in the forums. Back to topic: Currently I'm almost done with researching and picking parts to build...
  9. magneto538

    ASUS Vivobook S510UQ compatibility

    Hello, I've read some threads here that didn't answer entirely to my questions (references at the bottom of this post), mostly because the topics I've read address MacOS High Sierra. I am willing to buy an ASUS Vivobook S510UQ and planning to run SPECIFICALLY MacOS Sierra. High Sierra is not...
  10. Jatin1812

    Ralink rt3060 network

    I am able to setup everything except my ralink rt3060 network card to enable wifi on my hackintosh high sierra. :( Please help me to find drivers or kexts and how to install it. I can't find drivers anywhere. Please help me Thanks :(
  11. zuzuzuzu

    Which wifi card (m.2 or PCI-E) for Gigabyte H370-HD motherboard build?

    We have ordered a new hackintosh. I wondered what is the best way to implement wifi nowadays. I have built a few macintosh so far. The power of the card does not have to be very strong, the router is like 5 meters away... What is the best OTB solution and alternatively what is the cheapest...
  12. aayushpi

    Kicking off my first build and excited by this community!

    Hi y'all, Firstly: I really appreciate the patience and replies this community has shown with every new member: it's so great to see. Like many others, I'm planning my first hackintosh and could not be more excited. I did a bit of reading on some parts and have made a list based on the guide...
  13. Chaitanya1896


    HELLO, I have tplink usb wifi adapter WN822N v5 which has realtek 8192EU Chip and works on my hackintosh flawless, I Also have TP Link wn881n WIFI PCI E card which has Realtek 8192EE chip, Even though both the chips are based on the same chip, USB One has drivers but None for the pci, After a...
  14. Myron-1998-18

    Wifi Connected but can not connect to server

    In the beginning the wifi card worked just fine and right out of the box. But now it suddenly can not connect to the internet. Not even Ethernet is working. some setting must have been tampered with because internet was working fine both wifi and ethernet and now none of them work. The Wifi card...
  15. Chaitanya1896

    High Sierra Wifi Card Help!

    Hi, I have tplink tl-wn881nd wifi card for my hackintosh but there is no support for desktop. The card doesnt work, I tried ios811family.kext and also Clover patch, but after the clover patch the system wont boot, The card also isnt detected by DPCI manager, Help! Pentium, 12gb ram HM110-S2...
  16. PScoriae

    Keyboard is not working properly and Wifi adapter isn't working

    Hi! I'm a newbie here and I really don't know much about hackintoshing but I've already installed High Sierra on my PC. Now, this PC was meant for gaming and was for Windows of course so the parts might not be suitable but it would be nice to fix all the issues currently. As the title says, my...
  17. gors6607

    Audio and WiFi help Gigabyte B150N WIFI

    Hello friends, I have just gotten my Hackintosh set up pretty nicely, most things working in order apart from the two mentioned above. I have a Gigabyte B150N WIFI MoBo and would love to get the wifi working (I'm currently only on Ethernet) and the audio. I have seen there is quite a...
  18. runnerbeany

    Ralink 5372 compatibility

    Hey there! Apologies if i am not posting in the correct section. I recently found a Ralink 5372 USB wifi dongle lying around. It is detected in System Report however i've had no success in making it work. I followed the guide that nicolobahr posted on this thread however I have had no luck with...
  19. marmac

    [Solved] No sleep after installing a new wifi/BT PCI-E adapter

    Hi I recently bought a new wifi/bt card to replace my old one. Is a BCM943602CS kit from amazon. All works fine, even in the bios, but my hack does't sleep. Sleep for two seconds and then wake up. The problem seems to be related with the usb port that is connected to the bluetooth card. I tested...
  20. marmac

    [Solved] WTXUP TX-AC94360 wifi bluetooth card

    Hi I recently discover this card on ebay. It seems very well build and has 4 antennas. It has the BCM94360CD. Anyone can comment on this card? I would appreciate any info as I need to buy one soon. I'm most interested to know if this works on bios. Another card I have in mind is the one on...