1. ImKikueSero

    【Help!】About the phenomenon that the power does not turn off when RYZENTOSH is restarted.

    Hello, everyone. I've been reading your site for a while now. I'm having a problem with my Ryzentosh, as mentioned in the topic, after rebooting, the screen goes dark, but then the screen goes black and I can't get to the BIOS. If I shut it down, I can get it to boot again. This is probably...
  2. paox2za

    Intel Wi-Fi Kext w/ Auto-connect tools [Catalina]

    As we all know that multiple Intel Wi-Fi kexts are under development for quite a while. There are 2 kexts that currently working, AppleIntelWiFi.kext by a Chinese Developer (zhong?) and itlwm.kext and itlwmx.kext by zxystd. I believe the kext pretty much support majority of the Intel Wi-Fi, but...
  3. Giu89

    Qualcomm Atheros, AR928X Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express)

    Hi guys i have a problem with my hackintosh, it doesn't recognize the wi-fi card, one: Qualcomm Atheros, AR928X Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express). Anyone know how I can fix it?
  4. Marassi

    Wi-Fi enable bcm94322hm8l in Catalina 10.15

    Hello everyone. I am trying to enable my bcm94322hm8l wifi card by following this thread: https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/broadcom-wifi-bluetooth-guide.242423/ I can see at Hackintool that he's there. I also have the wifi icon on the desktop, but it won't turn on. Can you help me know what...
  5. Flaze

    TP-Link Archer T6E doesn't work

    Hello! I bought TP-Link Archer T6E, but Wi-Fi doesn't work. I tried to add kexts: - BroadcomWiFiInjector.kext - FakePCIID.kext - FakePCIID_Broadcom_WiFi.kext - BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext But it didn't help. Any suggestion? Thanks in Advance!
  6. Wildcatsgalore

    TP-Link Archer T4E (AC1200) - not regonised by High Sierra

    Hi all, after taking a look at the Buyer's Guide and the Forum, I purchased a TP-Link Archer T4E PCIe Wi-Fi card, based on the fact that the card should 'plug and play' and seems to be generally supported. I installed it onto the Motherboard, and checked it was detected using the MSI...
  7. sightlysuperior

    DW1560. Right card, wrong Device ID

    Hey everyone, I recently ordered a DW1560. I've had a look at the card and can verify it's a 4352ZAE as expected but when I popped it into macOS with all the right kexts in all the right places I noticed... nothing. Bluetooth worked. Wi-Fi not at all. The device ID is 14e4:4360 which I am sure...
  8. BeepWeep

    Problems with Wi-Fi on macOS Mojave.

    I recently installed a Mojave, but immediately ran into an unpleasant problem, I tried to start Wi-Fi, but ... nothing helps me. Wifi card: Qualcomm Atheros QCA61x4A. Specs Motherboard:KBL Charmeleon_KLS CPU:Intel Core I5-7300HQ 2.50GHz TurboBoost 3.2GHz GPU:Intel HD Graphics 630 + NVIDIA...
  9. LMSChina

    BCM94360CS2 Not Being Recognized.

    I have built my first hackintosh yesterday, with an Intel Core i5-8400 and a Gigabyte H370N WIFi Motherboard. I ordered the BCM94360CS2 WiFi card because I thought Wi-Fi on macOS would work natively. However, it seems like the computer isn't even recognizing the card. I disassembled the computer...
  10. hewhoisnick

    Hackintosh disrupts my extended wi-fi network (Time Machine + Airport Extreme) HELP PLEASE!

    Hey I'm just curious if others are having network related issues when using their hacks. It happened with my old Skylake build and is currently happening with my newer Coffee Lake build as well. Please let me know what info you need and I will post it all. Mobo: MSI Z370I Pro Carbon AC...
  11. icapricorn

    Hackintosh with second wi-fi card?

    I have a Maximus IX Code mobo, which has onboard wi-fi and Bluetooth. Everything works fine in Windows 10. On a separate SSD, I have installed Mac OS High Sierra, which works with only a few glitches. As expected from reading these forums, my Asus onboard wi-fi is not recognized. Certain Apple...
  12. Jonnyrose22x

    Asus Rog Strix Z370-F Gaming

    Hey guys! I’m anxiously awaiting the start of my Hackintosh build. So far the components I have are as follows: - GeForce GTX 1080 G1 Gaming - i7 8700K - NZXT s340 Elite Black - Samsung 960 Evo 500GB M.2 - Kraken x62 AIO - Dell S2716DG I am looking to get the Asus Rog Strix Z370-F Gaming Mobo...
  13. aldhistinct

    [solved] Kext signature validation error code -67030

    First. I know that Atheros AR9584 Wi-Fi cards known not to work with hackintosh Second. I disabled SIP and csrutil status resulted as System Integrity Protection status: disabled. Third.I want to know deeper about this problems. Sierra 10.12.2 (Clover) Some extensions in my Sytem Information...
  14. Bapple

    New Hackintosh(er) - WI-FI & Bluetooth Conundrum!

    Hey all, I got a second-hand PC for pretty cheap that I want to run Mac OS on. The key specs are as follows: i5-4690k GTX 770 16 GB RAM Asus Z97M-PLUS Motherboard There's currently no onboard wifi/bluetooth, so naturally I would like to acquire and plug in a card(s) for wifi and bluetooth...
  15. iamvishnu03

    Wi-Fi Issue after Security Update 2017-005 !

    Yesterday i got the the new Security Update 2017-005 after the restart it stuck for few minutes with grey screen , but the next day it booted successfully but since then Wi-Fi is not working properly , it just constantly looks for networks and does not connect . Never had any issue in the...
  16. kikiwora

    Lenovo ThinkPad E530 - macOS 10.13.3

    Hello there! My laptop won't wake up from sleep, if it was booted on battery (without AC cable attached) - making some noise after keypress, but no any sings of life (LED sleep indicator shows that it is in sleep mode, and I have fixed it, yes). When booted with AC cable attached, sleep works...
  17. AWY12

    Fenvi DT92

    I made the mistake of purchasing the wireless card that this site recommends. As many of you already know, the link now sends you to purchase the DT92 card from Amazon, since the correct card is out of stock. Has anyone had any luck with getting it to work in Sierra 10.12.6? If so, how did you...
  18. Ledorub

    Aspire E5-571G Questions & Problems

    Should I follow this guide (https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/guide-usb-power-property-injection-for-sierra.222266/) after did this (https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/guide-creating-a-custom-ssdt-for-usbinjectall-kext.211311/)? Can't eject USB drives through status bar (Attachment_1.png)...
  19. ben9923

    [solved] BCM94352Z WiFi + Handoff problem

    Hi :) I received my DW1560 card, and after installing the required kexts + patches (FakePCIID.kext, FakePCIID_Broadcom_WiFi.kext, BrcmPatchRAM2.kext, BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext + fcvo patch + handoff patch, and also a CC patch) I got it working. Although it's working, when I try to switch a WiFi...
  20. thealika

    WiFi chip of the ASUS z270G Motherboard?

    Can anyone help me figure out what Wi-Fi chip does the ASUS ROG Z270G Motherboard use? I believe the wifi is not supported, but I would like to make some research. Also how hard do you think will it be to hire someone to develop/port drivers to OSX? EDIT: Found the "Technical Specifications"...