white noise

  1. milkywaymaps

    Static Noise In Monitor Speakers After Build

    Hello everyone. Finally got my build up with audio and internet. Noticing some static in my studio monitors being routed through a USB interface. I've tried using different ports and putting different components on separate power strips in case it was a grounding issue. Read that it could be...
  2. doctorhackintosh

    White Noise - Intel HD 4600 - Dell S2440L

    Every time I boot into Yosemite with the Intel HD 4600 connected to my Dell S2440L monitor via HDMI, right after the screen showing the progress bar with the Apple logo and right before the login screen, I get white noise (like the sort we used to see on our old TVs). My resolution is 1920x1080...
  3. FliccC

    Sudden white noise in dual monitor setup

    Hello, I have a strange problem: Sometimes the main monitor of my 2 monitors is suddenly going into white noise for 1-3 seconds, it looks something like this (moving of course): This issue is there since 3-4 months, however it occured so rarely that it wasn't really a problem, I always...
  4. sjoseph

    White noise on screen after apple boot logo for HD4600

    Hello, I am facing a problem with my system as I have installed everything correctly but after booting to OSX 10.9 Mavericks I am getting white noise screen for few seconds after apple boot logo. I have tested both HDMI connections on my GA-H87-WIFI motherboard and both having same problem. I...