1. marcomora

    Zenbook ux334 FLC

    Hi, I'm trying to hackintosh my laptop but I cannot integrate: trackpad support audio support integrated webcam support Anyone know how to resolve? Anyone has already hackintoshed a zenbook ux334FLC? Thanks in advice.
  2. Sapyatkuen

    << Solved >> Huananzhi Hackintosh USB problems and optimization

    Hi, I mounted a Hackintosh with this hardware: Huananzhi X99 F8 Intel Xeon E5 2678 V3, 12 núcleos, 3.3 GHz 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3200Mhz Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 580 8gb NOX Hummer ZX USB 3.0 Cooler Master MasterLiquid Lite 120 Seagate BarraCuda 3.5" 2TB SATA M.2 NVME SSD 256GB...
  3. Waxxxx

    Laptop Integrated WebCam detected in System Info but output is black

    As the title says, I can't get the camera to work. It works fine in Windows, which I'm dual booting now, but in Mac OS X it just outputs black anywhere: in Safari webcam test, Photo Booth, QuickTime, and also Camera Control. I don't know what to try. It's detected in System Info as you can see...

    [HELP] FaceTime & webcam working, but black screen

    I've got my webcam working (tested with the safari webcam test & Photo Booth), but on FaceTime (working btw) my webcam is black. How can I fix it? Also it shows in the Camera section of System Information. macOS 10.5.6 internal webcam ASUS vivobook s15

    HP Wide Vision HD Web Cam

    I'm using OC 0.5.9 macOS Catalina 10.15.6. WiFi, BLuetooth, iServices all are working except my WebCam. Any chance to make it work? It is equipped with HP Wide Vision Web Cam.
  6. johnap987

    Logitech USB Webcam not working after Catalina update

    I recently updated all my rigs to Catalina, I have in two of my computers a USB Logitech webcam to take pictures of clients using a small Automator app. After Catalina update Automator is not able to show any video from the webcam, when I clic on the Camera button the webcam's led turns on, but...

    Unable to use internal web cam - Matebook 13

    I installed Mojave on a Matebook 13 and though brightness doesn't work and I go through a dongle for wifi I'm good for the most part. I just have one major issue below: My internal webcam is not working - I can see the devices mapped out properly and my USB ports work but the webcam is just...
  8. Ortofon

    Lenovo E570 - Webcam not recognized,strange Battery Status after Sleep etc.

    Hey Guys! I already had High Sierra installed before, but deleted it and were about to forget about hackintoshing this lap, because of the Wifi / BIOS Whitelist Issues with this Laptop. However, I found a tiny USB Wlan Stick and that´s why I´m giving it another Chance. The most parts are...
  9. Yuhwa

    [Solved]Lenovo Yoga 720 15IKB 10.14 PB7&10.13.6 - 3 Issues(Webcam) (Repost)

    20181229 Now I'm using 10.14.2 There's USB 3.0 problem but, replaced IOUSBFamily, IOUSBHostFamily from 10.14 then it works. Block sleep using "sudo pmset -a disablesleep 1" Webcam problem seems from USB, I didn't fix it but automate active webcam trick with 'controllermate' (It can make nice...
  10. sonumonu

    Advice for Webcam on 10.13.6

    Hello I am planning to buy Logitech HD PRO Webcam C920. Is it certain that it will work with 10.13.6 hackintosh desktop (both camera and microphone)?
  11. Dasbrit

    Distorted Sound through Webcam and Headphones

    Last night attempted to Skype (and Discord) on the Hackintosh side of my PC. My speakers are plugged into the audio port on the motherboard, and since that's too far of a reach for my headphone's cord, on the Windows side I typically use the audio port on the back of my monitor (which in turn is...
  12. mosari

    Laptop_Integrated_Webcam Not Working...

    Try to search. and find patch dsdt.... kext..... etc... usb kext ... I'm in completely Nightmare. and I read Sierra laptop common issue. Hi I'm using Alienware M14x r2. This is last problem. sound ok. brightness ok. usb connection using ok. wifi bt 5ghz ok (but only handoff not working I'm tired...
  13. phl

    [Solved] Trouble running Logitech HD Webcam C525

    Hi all, I recently updated my Hackintosh to a more modern Hardware. Although everything works without any issues so far, I have some problems connecting my Webcam "HD Webcam C525" to my Hackintosh. I got these errors from dmesg: + IOAudioDevice[<ptr>]::init(<ptr>) -...
  14. tonny112

    Trackpad and webcam not working.. and other issues..

    I have Acer Aspire E5-572G [having Core i5-4210M and NVIDIA Geforce 940M 2GB ] and installed Sierra 10.12.2. I have got intelgraphics , brightness ,audio (ALC 283) and wifi (atheros ar956x) working by following guides on this site. But, Trackpad is not working, only keyboard is working after I...
  15. hwijegun

    Webcam doesn't work, but detected in System Information

    Hi, I'm having trouble getting my webcam to work on Sierra, It get's detected in System Information as shown in the screenshot below. Can someone let me know how to proceed to get it working properly? Any help is much appreciated :) Thanks in advance.
  16. PaladineUK

    [SOLVED] Creative Live! Cam Chat HD

    So I have this webcam (VF0700) and it is detected in the USB Device tree but doesn't seem to work (I cannot access it in Safari, FaceTime or Skype) - does anyone know how I can get this to work?
  17. AntonUA

    Webcam on HP Probook 450 G2

    Hello. Today i`m install OS X El Capitan on my laptop HP Probook 450 G2 without any problems, but now i see that built-in hp webcam does`t work... And i have no idea, how i can get working webcam. If anyone can help me - please tell info on this topic. My EFI folder -...
  18. trongdathp

    USB 2.0 HD UVC Webcam not recognized

    Hi every one, My webcam not recognized on El Capitan. I applied this post. . I changed idVendor & idProduct in 3 places: Fake Built-in iSight Device, Fake Built-in iSight Interface A, Fake Built-in...
  19. bgaumond

    Webcam for El Capitan 10.11.3

    Hello everyone, I recently built my hackintosh and it works great ! I'm now looking for a webcam I could use with FaceTime. I've seen that logitech have made the c920 which is recommanded by tonymacx but I wanted something cheaper :) Thank you very much !!
  20. isaac103

    Webcam Freezes A Few Seconds After Using FaceTime, Photo Booth, etc

    As the name says, every time I attempt to use Facetime, Photo Booth, or any other application which involves the use of the webcam, the webcam will freeze up after a few seconds. This is becoming extremely frustrating and I have no clue as to how to fix it. Here are my specs for my Hackintosh...