1. BezLG

    Control CPU's fans : Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 / watercooling

    Hi, I can't control my CPU's Fan who's going fast, very fast : _Coffee Lake i7 8700 _Watercooling Corsair Hydro H115i _Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 _Fan in BIOS turned to "quiet" (lol) _Big Sur 11.5.1 _OC 0.6.7 (attachement) Macs fan control, fanny (etc) don't work. any ideas ? Thanks
  2. wise-rice

    WaterMac - Apple Powermac G5 Case Modding - Watercooling experiments

    I wanted to push watercooling to the most. Silent. Level. possible. While gaming and also for working. Quite a challenge and a lot to learn. Thoughts on water-cooling: It always depends on the use-case if water-cooling is more silent than air-cooling. My personal experience: Air-cooling is...
  3. noizwaves

    H60 water cooler - is this normal behaviour? (6700K + GA-Z170X-Gaming 5)

    Hi all, I recently bought and assembled a gaming hackintosh using the material on this site. The cooler I chose is the Corsair H60 AIO cooler. This has been my first experience using water cooling, and I'm wondering what the normal temperature response/behaviour is. I've attached a screen...
  4. GriffinHooper

    Watercooling with an automatic setting | Celsius S24

    Hello All, Fractal Design has just released a new Watercooler and they have added a handy little feature; **Automatic** Connect to a fan header for power and turn the dial to automatic. Boom! No more worrying! The radiator has a built in fan header! I have ordered mine and is scheduled for a...
  5. GriffinHooper

    NZXT Cam Software and OSX support

    Hello Hackintosh Builders. In all of my talks with NZXT over adding CAM support for OSX they continue to tell me that If they see a need they will build it. This is very much a 'Field of Dreams' kind of thing... We do no want to buy the coolers because there is no OSX support. If there was...
  6. leezee

    Custom Watercooled Asus x99-A Usb3.1 / 5820k / GTX 980ti - El Capitan 10.11.6

    I've been building Hackintoshes for like 7 years. But I've always hated the struggle with x99 since my last one 2 years ago so I gave up and I started this Custom water-cooled build as a winter project this past Feb.2016. Bending tubes, installing rads and water blocks. You can watch my whole...
  7. rockpilp

    First hackintosh - GA-Z170X-UD3 - Skylake - M.2 boot

    Hi all, I've been watching for months as Skylake compatibility slowly coalesced, and I'm ready to jump the gun. I'll use this machine for software development, photo processing and windows gaming. Here's my initial parts list, could you check it for inconsistencies? Gigabyte GA-170X-UD3...
  8. theonlyone1557

    i7-4790K Overclocking Raijintek Triton Watercooling system ,Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 G1 GAMING

    Hi everyone, I have 3 questions to ask , so please be patient with me since i m not an expert ( not yet :mrgreen:) First of all here are the choosen parts of the build, the ordered ones will be in bold font: CPU: Intel Core i7 4790K http://www.amazon.fr/dp/B00KPRWAX8/?tag=tonymacx8607-21...
  9. monty007

    The "Leviathan" Build - Dual radiator Watercooled Corsair 900D

    I just wanted to share my new Hack build I dubbed the Leviathan after the ancient water god. Case is absolutely huge!!! I had a Corsair 650D before - this is at least 40-50% larger!! When this case was announced, I knew I wanted it right away. I paid for it in full in Feb. 2013 - I received...