water cool

  1. iDrakus

    Best water cooling for Hackintosh

    I once had a NZXT Kracken X52 cooling, but it turned out to be defective, so I passed it. Now I am using a NH-U9S cooler with two fans. This bunch works well on the hackintosh, however, my processor in games for Windows 10 sometimes heats up to 85 degrees (this is a lot). In this regard, I...
  2. thejoelhansen

    Another G3 "Blue & White" Case (first)

    Introduction: Long time reader, first time writer. My first computer was a Powerbook "Lombard" G3 in 2003 (4 years old when I snagged in for a few hundred bucks). I moved on to a Quicksilver G4, a white Macbook "Core Duo", and now a 15" "Sandy Bridge" Macbook Pro. I'm currently a system admin...
  3. monty007

    The "Leviathan" Build - Dual radiator Watercooled Corsair 900D

    I just wanted to share my new Hack build I dubbed the Leviathan after the ancient water god. Case is absolutely huge!!! I had a Corsair 650D before - this is at least 40-50% larger!! When this case was announced, I knew I wanted it right away. I paid for it in full in Feb. 2013 - I received...