1. macduck13

    Please Help with 10.15.2 Handoff, Apple Watch and Safari Bookmarks!

    Hello all, My system seems to be working fine except for Handoff, Apple Watch and the syncing of Safari Bookmarks. The network, WiFi, Bluetooth, Apple Store, iMessage and Facetime are working fine. The General tab does not include the "Allow Handoff between this Mac …" option. The Security...
  2. anirudhlath518

    Handoff and Continuity not working with native Apple WiFi card!

    Hey guys! I installed HS on my setup a few weeks ago and everything is working very smooth including iMessages and FaceTime. I followed pastrychef’s guide for coffee lake. The only issue I am currently facing is, I bought a native support BCM94360CD from OSXWiFi a few days ago. WiFi and...
  3. colinzeal

    Apple Watch & Bluetooth Interference

    Is it possible to get interference between so many Apple products connecting to my Mac Pro through Bluetooth? I'm using the Broadcom BCM94360CD adapter and had handoff working perfectly. Reason I ask is since I bought my Apple Watch, my keyboard doesn't want to connect. Currently I have...