1. DrKoNfLiCt

    Yosemite sleep/wake problems.

    Everything worked without a problem on Mavericks. Now, when I try to put the computer in sleep mode the only thing that happens is that the screen goes black. The computer itself is not going into sleep mode. It just keeps running with a black screen. When I try to get the screen back, it stay's...
  2. patryktylza

    Another bluetooth dongle CONFIRMED WORKING NATIVELY

    Hey guys, Good news up here, I've just equipped my CustoMac Pro (build form Buyers Guide August 2014) with a USB bluetooth dongle. I've been googling around for a while to find a working one available in my country, no luck. So I decided to get possibly the most expensive one I could find and...
  3. abhilash29

    "Wake" doesn't work while AppleIntelHDGraphics,kext is installed !

    Hi, I have an issue wherein SLEEP works fine. However, WAKE doesn't work if my AppleIntelHDGraphics..kext is installed. If i remove this kext and try the SLEEP-WAKE thing, it works perfectly fine ! Any Fix for this please? :(
  4. hendrik-zapop

    HP Probook sleep wake-up taking long (since about 10.9.4)

    HP Probook sleep wake-up taking long (since about 10.9.4, back in 10.9.5 after latest security & PBI Hi there, I've previously mentioned a p problem where my Probook 470-G0 takes about 2minutes to wake up from sleep. Having reinstalled and played around with settings, it...
  5. stweedle3

    Immediate wake up from sleep and artifacting in mavericks on haswell laptop

    Hi. So I have followed this guide to generate relevant DSDT and SSDTs for my laptop: http://www.tonymacx86.com/mavericks-laptop-support/129146-osx-mavericks-hackintosh-install-sony-vaio-pro-13-a.html I am unable to get my laptop to stay in sleep and wake properly. It appears to go into sleep...
  6. egparadigm

    BT Mouse/USB Keyboard don't wake

    I have a bluetooth mouse and a USB apple keyboard. Neither can now be used to wake my Hackintosh. I can use the power button. This has just suddenly started happening – I haven't updated the OS (some apps via app store have been). I can use the keyboard and mouse fine after waking the computer...
  7. alienx2

    Asus P8Z77-V LX will not stay in sleep while monitor went display off

    Im having problem with sleep on mac os x 10.8.0 . when click sleep, mac went to sleep but cpu still awake (LED blue on). I didn't mod my motherboard and I don't have Nullcpupowermanagement.kext and i have: 1) sleep enabler from...
  8. tehsuck

    Elitebook 8460p Panics / Reboots on Wake

    First off, thanks to everyone on this forum for the great info and work. I recently purchased a refurbished Elitebook 8460p and have succesfully gotten Mavericks (w/ updates) installed. Things seem to work wonderfully until I put the laptop to sleep (I've tried manually and closing the lid)...
  9. AngryG

    Repeatedly wakes and sleeps

    Hey guys, If I leave my hack in "sleep" overnight, sometimes I wake up to find that it is waking for a few seconds, going back to sleep for a few seconds, then waking etc. The case fans and LEDs come on for a few seconds, then off for a few seconds and this keep repeating until I manually wake...
  10. Cesarson124

    PC turns itself on at night

    Hey everyone, well I have this annoying problem where basically my Hackintosh turns itself on after an hour after a shutdown and I can't find out what the **** is causing this to wake up :banghead: I've disabled WOL, USB wake, and everything else that can possibly wake up from my UEFI BIOS. It...
  11. thebebinator

    Solved long standing sleep problem with gigabyte MB

    Hello all, I just thought I'd post since it might be helpful to someone out there. I was having a longstanding problem with my setup where i could not get the computer to sleep in mac OS. It slept fine in windows. Turns out it was due to a USB hub in my Dell 27' monitor. Unplugging the USB...
  12. john4short

    Need some help in obtaining a patched Bios for the MSI P67A-G43 (B3)

    As stated above, I need some help in obtaining a Patched Bios and AIPCM.kext for my MSI P67A-G43 (B3) to fix the problems I've been having with Sleep/Wake . So far I've been really happy with the way this board handles OSX out of the box; all without any boot flags . Here are my PC Specs...
  13. martyv69

    Almost Perfect GA-Z87X-UD5H Hackintosh: Display won't wake from sleep / CMOS reset necessary

    I'm so close! My Hackintosh (Mavericks 10.9.2) and display (DVI) falls asleep just fine, but the display won't wake from sleep. When this happens, I receive the debug code 13 on the motherboard, which means "reserved" according to the manual. When I manually reset, I can't even get a POST...
  14. cronparser

    Bluray Rom wakes up randomly

    I'd like to say thank you for this great community on here.. I've finished my build and one of the things that i still can't figure out is why my bluray/dvdr recorder "ASUS BC-12B1ST"seems to randomly wake up with no disc in the drive is there setting or something i need to disable to prevent...
  15. brickpower

    Z87X-UD5H wake from sleep blank screen

    Hi, My build is working perfectly EXCEPT for this one thing. When I wake my machine up from sleep, I get a blank screen. The machine seems to be working except for that screen. I searched the forums and every solution I saw says that you need to go into BIOS and disable wake on lan. The...
  16. 7immer

    Wake from sleep issue on GA-Z87MX-D3H Maverick

    Hi all :) Can anyone help? I can't seem to get my mac to wake up from sleep :( I have to do a force shutdown by holding down the off switch. I've tried these to no aval: Double clicking pressing keyboard buttons pressing front power switch quickly disabling Wake on LAN setting DropSSDT=yes I...
  17. prodigy21

    Sleep Problems

    Hey guys and gals, When I put my computer to sleep, it wakes up on its own after a few seconds it's in sleep. I entered syslog | grep -i "Wake reason" into the terminal and my wake reasons are GLAN and EHC2. Does anyone know how to resolve these problems? Thanks!
  18. etchensketch

    GA-H87N-WIFI Monitor Issue OR Wake Issue?

    Hello, this is my first post so please excuse if this isn't in the right section... I just recently built my first hackintosh (CustoMac Mini Deluxe - OS X Mavericks) and followed all the steps using: http://lifehacker.com/the-always-up-to-date-guide-to-building-a-hackintosh-o-5841604#install -...
  19. slyce

    Display problems on wake from monitor sleep : static, snow or black screen

    Hi I built with success my own hackintosh (z87m-d3h), using the IGP Intel HD 4600, following guides on this site. All is working very well, except very little annoying things with my Acer S241HL display monitor : - When connected on DVI, I get static/snow on screen on wake from monitor sleep...
  20. bunnytuna

    4530s Freezing Issues Some minutes after wake.

    Did a fresh-install (2nd or 3rd one I've done) of Mavericks following RehabMan's guide closely. I had been running a stable Mavericks setup for about a month, then goofed around with Clover and decided to do a fresh install (formatted hard drive, then started again) back again with Unibeast...