1. brianwong11031

    Black screen after wake up

    hi, my Hackintosh goes black screen after I press the power button to wake it up.
  2. carlocarnev

    No Display Wake after Hibernation nor Standby

    So hey everybody, sorry if I create another post on this already solved problem, but I can't seem to find a solution that works. Whenever my desktop's screen goes standby or I put my Hackintosh into Sleep mode, after it wakes up, the screen stays black, without signal (HDMI no signal). This is...
  3. astone19

    [solved] 10.14 Sleep/Wake issues Intel HD520

    Hey guys, I have everything working on my system which has a Core i7-6500u, HD520 GPU, Elan 1000 trackpad, etc. However, I am having issues with the GPU driver hanging from wakeup on sleep. Sleep works in safeboot mode, with minimal graphics acceleration. Attached are the logs with my issue, any...
  4. Madrox24

    MSI GE72 2QF - instead wake, reboot

    Hi, my laptop is working well, but I have problem with sleep/wake. When I try to wake laptop up, it's immediately rebooting. Sometimes I also having KP related to CPU, when booting system. I think that my config is not prepared correctly. During booting I have many repeating APCI errors or...
  5. Cokeb5

    Cannot get sleep working (High Sierra) - Gigabyte H170N / Intel HD 530

    So I got a vanilla install working and a lot of things are working. Unfortunately I cannot get sleep to work at all which is really important for my setup. I have read and seen many threads on this forum with similar builds and have not had success. Sometimes after wake I have no signal, but my...
  6. hotcereal

    BCM943602CS Can't "turn wifi on" after waking up computer

    With my setup, everything so far works. My display will go to sleep when I need it to. however, when my computer goes to sleep, the wi-fi upon waking up doesn't work. It's simply stuck as "Off" and when I try to press "Turn Wi-fi On" nothing happens. Wifi works perfectly fine on cold booting and...
  7. brianwong11031


    This is the terminal output of pmset -g assertions, iMac:~ huanghaoyuan$ sudo pmset -g assertions 2018-09-16 23:15:10 +0800 Assertion status system-wide: BackgroundTask 1 ApplePushServiceTask 0 UserIsActive 1...
  8. brianwong11031

    Help Desktop Hackintosh Cannot Enter Sleep Mode

    Hi, there My desktop hackintosh cannot enter the Sleep Mode. I mean it can enter the sleep mode for a few seconds and it will automatically wake up itself. How can I fix this issue. Thanks for your help.
  9. ardeo79

    [Help] Sleep/Wake issues with Asus Vivobook F540LA-DM1155

    Hey, I have a working 10.13.6 installation on my notebook (Asus Vivobook F540LA-DM1155). Everything works find except the wake up after sleep mode. Both after closing the lid or enter sleep mode via menu -> Sleep ends in a black screen if I try to wake up the notebook. Then I have to reset the...
  10. markmcleod50

    Will not sleep...tried multiple things

    I'm on the latest version of High Sierra and have tried multiple things to try to get my computer to sleep but it will go dark for a second, fans spin down and then immediately wake back up. I've got wake for bluetooth and wake for network turned off. I've got power nap turned off. I've tried...
  11. brianwong11031

    Help! Can not wake up after system get in sleep mode!

    System: 10.13.6 When my laptop entered the sleep mode I must unplug the battery to restart. If I do not unplug there's no way to wake up or restart even press the power button(for a long time).
  12. pinoli

    Wake/Sleep problem on Z370-A Prime + GTX 1070 Ti

    Hello everybody, same author of this post, but gave up eventually and dismissed the Thunderbolt card from the build (for now) and got a GTX 1070 Ti instead of cracking my head over a iGPU UHD 630 only build: got it to work, but realised afterward it couldn't drive a 4k monitor at QHD resolution...
  13. JohnClause

    Resolution issue following forced shutdown after sleep

    So I couldn't wake my system up from sleep, or rather, the display. I then went to restart it via the on/off button and since my resolution has been all messed up. NOTE: When I put my asus monitor 4:3 res via its hardware buttons, the res is perfect, apart from the fact it's in 4:3, but when I...
  14. mpilias232

    Asus UX410 Kernel Panic on wake and trackpad issues

    Firstly I would like to thank everybody on this forum, for all the time you have dedicated! This is my third build (first laptop) and it could not have been possible without your precious help! The laptop in regard to this post is an Asus ZenBook UX410UA, i3 7100U, HD620. I have managed to...
  15. stevep0070

    [solved] Sleep issues

    I posted previously under the SSDT-UAIC thread for USBInjectAll as I thought that was my issue. RehabMan was kind enough to point out that my installation was a mess (it was a wreck) so I started from scratch and followed every guide I could find for everything I was trying to accomplish. So...
  16. egmus

    10.13.4 (17E199) wake=reboot H170

    motherboard asus h170m-e d3, cpu skylake i3-6100, intel hd530 graphics, high sierra unibeast 8.3.2 & multibeast 10.2.0 system appears to sleep fine i.e. disk and fans stop & power led blinks. when I press any key disk and fans restart and then it reboots. also when I type "pmset -g everything"...
  17. lukenfzw

    Sleep Issues (USB)

    Hey there guys, So I'm having a common issue with sleep. It's when the computer sleeps and the fans and lights go off, and then comes back on within a second from doing that, and just continues looping that behavior. I've read that the most basic and common solution to this problem is to...
  18. titust1

    [Solved] No network access after waking from sleep with High Sierra

    Hi everyone, I recently updated from Sierra to High Sierra. I use the MTB Intel built-in ethernet adapter (no Wi-FI). Network works fine, but when it wakes up from sleep, the network adapter doesn't get an IP address from DHCP, even if I <Renew DHCP Lease> in Ethernet / Advanced. If I click...
  19. maystro31

    [HELP] Sleep/Wake issues and post install bugs on ASUS X566UV

    I finally finished making my almost perfect laptop mackintosh, I would like to thank all the developers who helped with their detailed guides and mods especially RehabMan, however still few bugs that I couldn't fix and here I am requesting your precious help: -Sleep/Wake doesn't work at all, I...
  20. rotorhead8

    Sleep/Wake Gigabyte Z270N-Wifi, 7700K, EVGA GT 1030SC

    Hey all, I'm trying to get sleep/wake working on my "server" build. Only difference from my sig on that build is the addition of this EVGA GT 1030SC video card...