1. Xportables

    Intel HD Graphics 2500 only 5MB on Dell Optiplex 7010 - Catalina

    Hello, I successfully installed 10.15.4 on my Dell Optiplex 7010 i5-3570 IntelHD 2500 graphics I mounted EFI, so it boots normally. BUT MY PROBLEM IS, that animations are glitchy and in "about my Mac" it shows, "Intel HD Graphics 2500 5 MB" Is there a way to fix that? This is my second...
  2. y5l6pc7h

    7mb of ram on macOS Catalina Intel HD 4600 support (w/ gtx960)

    Hello everyone, I am a young developer that needs to use xCode. I created an macOS Catalina bootable USB using Unibeast and have installed macos succesfully on a usb thumb drive (I want to test my hackintosh in a usb stick first, before I install it on my hdd). My setup: a intel core i7 @ 3,6...
  3. Poemko

    Coffee Lake Intel UHD Graphics 630 on macOS Mojave 7MB Vram

    Hello, My name is Poemko and i am now stuck on my Hackintosh on trying to fix the VRAM. Next to that, it is hard to really fix this problem alone by my self because my boot gets blocked sometimes having the next error WHILE i am trying to fix the VRAM problem: Graphics driver failed kextd...
  4. kino1998

    << Solved >> i7 9750h UHD 630 only 7MB vram

    Good morning, I have an issue with the Integrated Graphics: macOS High Sierra displays only 7MB of VRAM. I try a few solution but no one works and I'm not an expert about hackintosh, so I don't know how to move for fixing this thing. If anyone can help me for finding the solution and can show me...
  5. cedpowa

    GTX 970 is not recognized. Only display 5mb. Tried all possible solutions.

    Hello there, This is my first Hackintosh and I will listen to all the recommendations of this community. I have created a bootable USB with macOS High Sierra Installer using Unibeast and successfully managed to install macOS High Sierra on my HDD. Posteriorly, I used Multibeast for the post...
  6. lalachicken132

    << Solved >> Sierra gtx 1060 6gb sc only 7mb

    either it only shows 7mb or shows gtx 1060 7mb I have literally tried everything, nv=disable 1 or 0, Nvidia inject and not inject, web drivers are installed and enabled sometimes it picks my graphics card up if I mess with the settings but it is only 7mb currently it is not picking it up. I will...
  7. benthewolf

    IntelHD 620 7mb VRAM on Mojave Hackbook

    Hello I am new to this but I managed to install macOS Mojave on my Lenovo Thinkpad E570 (for iOS development). I have ironed out most the kinks but the main issue now is that my IntelHD 620 shows up with only 7mb of ram I also have no 3d acceleration (grapher doesn't show 3d graphs). I tried...
  8. expl1c1t

    Can't change resolution in Mojave

    I have succesfully installed High Sierra and any macOS before it, using ATI Radeon 6570 Now anything I try, shows my graphic card as it has 5mb vram, and only resolution I can choose is 1280x1024. I tried using Clover Configurator, tried injecting ATI, but nothing helped. As I said, this card...
  9. applelappala

    Increse VRAM of Intel HD 520

    Hello, hackintosh users, I am using the @RehabMan laptop os x config for Intel HD 520. After kextcache I get 1536 MB graphics but my Intel graphics is 4 GB (4000 MB). Is there anyway I can make to to 4000 MB for full utilization??
  10. parasthakur37

    [HELP]Sleep not working on Coffee Lake Laptop (MSI GV62 8RE) i7-8750H

    CPU/GPU PM seems to be working as x86PlatformPlugin and AGPM both run with PluginType=True. Upon putting the laptop to sleep, it just reboots. System hardware details:- MoBo - MSI GV62 (HM370) CPU - i7 8750H GPU - Nvidia gtx 1060 (disabled), UHD630 (full acc.) Screen - 1920x1080 wide view full...
  11. lungcity

    [Problem] Intel HD 515 Graphics HP EliteBook 1030 G1 Not Working- High Sierra

    Hello, This is my specifications: HP EliteBook 1030 G1 - Intel® Core™ m5-6Y54 CPU @ 1.10GHz - 128GB SSD - 8 GB RAM DDR3 - Intel HD Graphics 515 Clover version 4297 Something similar to the following specification: https://www.laptopmag.com/reviews/laptops/hp-elitebook-1030-g1 What I had...
  12. ShoryuK

    High Sierra 1mb Vram

    Hi guys, I've recently installed High Sierra on my PC (I'm a noob at hackintosh), but unfortunately it shows that I only have 1mb vram, also my monitor is at 800x600 and I can't scale it up. Could anyone help me? My pc specs: i5 4440 asus b81m-a 4gb ram Radeon HD 6870
  13. jwfieldgibson

    Can't get R7 260X 2gb to work on High Sierra

    I've been trying to get my r7 260x to work with High Sierra and can't seem to get it to - the computer works fine, however it only shows up as 7mb VRAM. I've tried injecting ATI (not sure I've done it right though), and have added the device ID (0x066581002) to AMD8000Controller.kext and...
  14. HooverPhotography

    MacOS Not recognizing full VRAM

    I've been using my Hackintosh for a while but not for any intense tasks such as video editing or gaming. Now going to do this I have received many prompts about how I don't have more than 512MB of VRAM. Currently running an i5 6600k and a GTX 1080 (8GB VRAM). Drivers are up to date for High...
  15. HansO

    VRAM at 5mb in Intel HD Graphics 4600

    I have had a fairly successful Hackintosh experience so far. I installed it with clover on my HP EliteDesk. My main problem at the moment is that my VRAM is at only 5mb. I think I have tried every fix on these forums and I have yet to find anything that works for me. Please tell me if I have...
  16. D4RKW4YN3

    Can't boot with a gtx 1060

    Hello everyone, last evening i finally booted my mac os high sierra hackintosh. i removed the gtx 1060 before because i read that it could cause some errors, but now that i have a working OS i would like to use it. So i mounted it and the system started, i downloaded the nvidia web driver for...
  17. JustAMoose

    Having Trouble Getting HD Graphics to Work

    I've been working on this for hours. My system is currently running High Sierra with Intel HD 4000 graphics. I cannot for the life of me get the system to recognize more than 4 mb of VRAM. Can someone walk me through this? P.S. I think I've formatted my profile/signature correctly but if not...
  18. Martin97

    [Solved] Nvidia bug on sierra: half of 4k screen jitters, rest is black

    Hi, I am pretty new to the hackintosh scene, I have had Sierra 10.14.2 running for quite a while, problem free. However I decided to upgrade to High Sierra 10.13.4 today, and the results are quite a mess, the system is running fine, except for my 4k screen which is looking like something like...
  19. wanderboy

    HD 4000 with only 4Mb VRAM, ig-platform-id not work, Revison-id is always 0x9

    I have the same problems too, the VRAM is always 4M. And I found that the Revison ID is always 0x0009 no matter I changed the ig-platform-id to what. I disableded the Nvidia 740M gpu and set ig-platform-id to '0x01660003', but it doesn't work, and I found it was fount in preboot.log, but still...
  20. Pundas101

    [SOLVED] Intel HD 530 showing 3mb of VRAM on High Sierra

    Hey there, I've just updated to High Sierra (that was a problem in itself) but after sorting all that out, I now have only 3mb of VRAM to work with, which is causing a lot of graphical problems as you can imagine. Attached, is a screenshot of my 'About this Mac' - as you can see it only display...