1. vanquybn

    VoodooPS2Controller and Fn key

    Hi, I am using VoodooPS2Controller.kext, everything work fine except the "Fn" key does not work. Actually I just need it for disable/enable mouse pad (fn+F5). Is there any way to make it work?
  2. KingZee

    Post-Installation : Mouse & Keyboard not working

    (Posting here because Post-Installation is desktop only) After finally completing my El Capitan 10.11 Installation, everything was working on the 2nd reboot, mouse, keyboard, USB, I used the Post-Installation tools like specified on the 10.11 Installation guide, then after the reboot, nothing...
  3. amalfrancis101

    Hon to remap VoodooPS2 tackpad ?

    Remap VoodooPS2 trackpad? I am running Yosemite on my Hackintosh and I'm using VoodooPS2controller that came inside the late version of multibeast for my Synaptics trackpad. I recently discovered that three finger gestures ARE there in it. But not mapped correctly. Like swiping up from the...
  4. sschuler

    Dell E6420 voodoops2controller, battery and sleep issues

    I was successfully able to use Unibeast and Multibeast to get Yosemite installed on my Dell E6420. I replaced my wifi with an Atheros card. I have also installed an SSD. Most things are working quite well. I am having trouble with three main items. My trackpad, sleep/hibernate and battery...