1. knackrack

    Using VMWare Fusion to boot Windows hard drive inside OSX

    I've tried pretty much anything but i can't get it to work. Trying to create a new bootcamp virtual machine that uses my windows disk will result in vmware complaining that windows wasn't shutted down properly (even tho it was) Trying to attach my hard disk directly to vmware as indicated here...
  2. shazaibsohail

    Can I install High Sierra on HP Au171Tx? Brief Guide Needed.

    Looking for resources to install Mac OS via Hackintosh on my HP Pavilion 15 Au171tx but didn't find any specific resources or guide. Can anyone here help me out please with brief guide? Currently I am using High Sierra on VMware but it literally sucks with only 128mb Graphics memory..
  3. exofriend

    Samsung 960 EVO firmware -- Windows or Mac?

    I'm building a new hackmac with a Samsung 960 EVO NVMe SSD. I will install VMware Fusion and run Windows also. Samsung does not list any firmware updates for the 960 EVO for Mac, but they do list an update for Windows (2B7QCXE7). They do not explain exactly what the difference is, or how the...
  4. boobajoob

    VMware Fusion 8 booting Windows 10 Install

    Hey all, hoping you could provide some insight or speak from experience here. I have OSX 10.12 installed on SSD #1 and Windows 10 Pro on SSD #2. Bootloader is Clover. Everything works great so far if I boot directly into either system. The trouble is when I try to use Fusion 8 to load my...
  5. iTzJack9633

    [NOOB] I get a error when booting VirtualMachine - Attachment. Please Help

    Whenever I try to boot Mac OS X 10.11 I get an error. [Thread 0 Crashed] Specs - Intel Pentium G3258 GTX 750Ti ASUS H81M-E33 8GB RAM Thanks - iTzJack
  6. sebastianq28

    Acer Aspire V7-482PG Hackingtosh capable?

    This is the Laptop however I have the i7 variation : http://www.amazon.com/Acer-Aspire-V7-482pg-5642-Touchscreen-Ultrabook/dp/B00U4O0JVM Processor: Intel Core i7-4500U @ 1.80 GHz Memory: 7.88 GB DDR3 SDRAM -1MHz Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics 4400 as well as NVIDIA GEFORCE 750M I know...
  7. franek6789

    VMware Fusion ERROR (how to fix?)

    Hello again :D, I have decided that I still need some windows apps that are not programmed for mac so I tried Parallels and that did not quiet work out but I heard that the VMware is excellent so I have this one little problem on my Hackintosh; http://scr.hu/2l0z/em7hhI someone could help that...
  8. zefeldo

    GTX 680 Mavericks 10.9.4 - VMware Fusion

    Hey, I have a GTX 680 installed and i have also downloaded vmware fusion. I don't know if anyone has any experience with vmware fusion but I can't get any games to work properly with my graphics card. It shows up as VMware SVGA 3D. The only options I have for graphics are Accelerate 3D graphics...
  9. mwa3aan

    5.0.2 USB 3 drivers freezes VMWare Fusion

    Please note that installing the USB 3 drivers from MultiBeast 5.0.2 causes VMWare Fusion to freeze upon startup. Removing the drivers (I used the vendor's uninstall app) fixes the issue and VMWare Fusion works as expected but you dont get USB 3 on the host. The previous hacked drivers...