1. Hyacinthe

    Looking to build workstation for VJing, Video Editing, 3D

    I am in the early planning stages of building a powerful workstation that would be used mainly for VJing (Resolume Arena 6), editing (FCPx, After Effects) and possibly 3D real-time renders in TouchDesigner. Based on the July 18 Buying Guides, I am leaning towards a configuration like this...
  2. atse2800

    Build advice for Hackintosh (VJing)

    Hello, It's my first hackintosh and : I would like to be sure having 100% compatible hardware. I do not know what motherboard to choose... I need a very fast storage system, so I think buying: 2x Samsung SM951 M.2 512GB (1x OS (Windows and MacOS), 1x Data) I need a very fast RAM system, so...