1. f.hans100

    [Solved] Problem with gIOScreenLockState 3 Issue

    Read my first comment for my solution Hello Hackintosh community. My Hackintosh 10.13.1 High Sierra worked perfectly fine for about two weeks. I think it has something to do with installing Virtualbox on it. After the installation of Virtualbox worked out fine the next time I restarted my...
  2. jeffcouturier

    Intalling VirtualBox on top of Sierra - fails, code 112

    I have a smoothly running hackintosh running OSX 10.12.1, and am trying to install VirtualBox on top of that. The VirtualBox installer (tried VirtualBox-5.1.8-111374 and VirtualBox-5.1.6-110634) fails with the following error log: I've made sure virtualization is enabled in my BIOS. Clover has...
  3. Didanix

    AppleIntelE1000e suddenly kernel panics

    I'm using the AppleIntelE1000e.kext that comes with the latest version of Multibeast, and it's been working perfectly for a few days now. My motherboard's Asus's Maximus V Formula and I've applied the DSDT available in Maciasl. I had to move my hackintosh around the house, so naturally...
  4. gjcourt

    [SOLVED] Shutdown / Restart takes too long (Clover / 10.10.5)

    [SOLVED] Shutdown / Restart freezes computer in "on" state (Clover / 10.10.5) Sleep works instantly, shutdown and restart do not. I've tried rm -r'ing my ~/Library/Caches and resetting my firmware (bios) to factory defaults. I've tried to shutdown from the gui and the command line (shutdown -h...
  5. nichiatu

    Options equivalent to older versions of MultiBeast

    Ok, so I've looked at the MultiBeast changelog, and I'm wondering what options I gotta tick off now in order for it to be equivalent to older multibeast versions. I have a screenshot with older settings:
  6. anix

    miniITX Hackintosh: number crunching, VMs, a little gaming and desktop stuff

    Hi there, I'm currently trying to decide on a miniITX board for my very first hackintosh. Though I really can't decide between the three usual suspects, for there seems to be some glitches on every board - with me being unable to estimate the impact for my planned rig. So, these three are my...