video edit

  1. valbar

    Hackintosh configuration for video editing 4k

    Hello there! I'm new here and I own a mcbook pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) with Catalina with last upgrade. I work in the video editing field using FCPX so I need a powerful machine that works fluidly with 4k and has a fast render process and all . So I decided to build an Hackintosh system to...
  2. CinemaPDX

    Video Editors! Help me with my build for Resolve and After Effects.

    Hi all! This will be my first Hackintosh. I have built a handful of PC's back in the XP days, but been an OSX lover for over ten years now. I am a professional videographer who also does color, sound and graphics. I need something that can edit and transcode FAST. I also think I need...
  3. DiegoAvilanFranco

    I'm New to this Hackingtosh stuff

    So, i've never even built a PC and I know building a Mac has more complications, but I want to have a Mac where i can edit video, use the Adobe Suite and just multitask without it being slow at a reasonable price, so I wanna know how much time and money it would take to create such Mac. I would...
  4. jzehren11

    Looking for Input.

    What's going on everyone, been lurking around for a while reading some posts and learning from other peoples builds that pertain to video editing. Been working out a build list for a friend that does a lot of video editing on an outdated iMac. He has been wanting to upgrade without spending a...