video cards

  1. Roko3883

    GPUs compatibility with MacOS Mojave

    Hello, So I'm looking forward to build my first Hackintosh (electronic engineer, long-time mac-user) and I was wondering: I love Mojave, I think is one of my favorite OS, but: Are 5000 series GPUs compatible with Mojave (10.14.6)? In Buyer's Guide says 5700 and 5700XT are only for 10.15+, but...
  2. DanieleSorvillo

    Problem 1060 g1 gaming

    Hello guys, I have a video card of the gigabytes 1060 g1 gaming 6Gb, I installed sierra on my computer, and unfortunately does not make me install the drivers, I tried to install the beta drivers that nVidia has released for the 10 series, but nothing to do!! help me!!
  3. Coherent

    980 ti or Fury X

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to select the video card to use with my skylake machine that is almost identical to PastryChef's build. I am primarily using it for development with the Adobe suite but would like the ability to casually game in 4k and maybe VR in the future. I have read that I need a...
  4. dasmoon

    EVGA GeForce GT 740, GT 750sc or Sapphire AMD HD 6870 HD Dual Monitors

    I'm about to start my first Hackintosh build this week and I really want dual monitors. Which of the following video cards will be the best to use in El Capitan? GT 740, GTX 750sc or AMD HD 6870. These are the three video cards I have access to. Has one has success with any of these cards...
  5. ztoom

    Looking for Mid Range Video card that works out of the box with Yosemite, any Help Please?

    I am looking for some out of the box mid range video cards that work with Yosemite. Can anyone suggest some options for me? Thanks in advance.
  6. DrMechxico

    AMD "Hawaii" Cards in "iCan" Mac Pro

    I was looking through the specs of the new Mac Pro after the AMD Hawaii event. I thought it looked pretty similar since the back of the card is relatively the same. Netkas also pointed out that there is reference to those cards in the AMD driver under Mavericks. If the new Mac is loaded...
  7. beadomtroy

    Advice on video rendering

    Hey everyone, I need advice on graphics card. I currently have a Gigabyte 6870 OC installed on my hackintosh with 2600K oc'd to 4.5 GHz and I'm doing a lot of video rendering using Final Cut Pro X. I would like to get better performance as far as video rendering, I do some playing on my...
  8. Zachwest

    EVGA GeForce GT 640

    is the EVGA GeForce GT 640 a compatible card?
  9. itech

    I need a mid performance Video cards supported oob in ML

    First of all, I am dissapointed that the 2012 customac guide does not include more video cards that are supported in Mountain Lion, leaving us to scramble to find a GPU that fill the gap. I need a mid range performance card that is supported out of the box in ML. I don't want to pay $300 for a...