video card failed

  1. susudio

    except when running games(black screen), my video is quite normal

    Hi everyone, I build my Hackintosh as a bonus since I have been using windows 7 for years, I finally gave MacOS sierra try by utilizing the empty M.2 slot, it's very straight fwd, unlike my last attempt 5 years ago. Nvidia web driver has been installed and working. But when I try out gaming...
  2. Dmetropol

    [Solved] No video card and Display 5mb problem but successful installation. Kaby Lake.

    Hello, I think, I went through all the tutorials that I found on the Internet on this topic, but unfortunately no one helped. The installation of the Sierra was successful, the processor, memory, are displayed correctly, but unfortunately there is no way to correctly determine the video card...
  3. silkysmooth

    Video Card Smoke - Power Supply or Video Card defect?

    Hey guys, dont know what subforum to put this on or even if I should even post this on Tonymacx86, but I love the community so yea. Well, I was building my new hackintosh (second hack) and when I went to boot it up, I heard a pop, saw a light, and the EVGA GTX 670 released smoked. I have...