1. FliccC

    Chameleon: No Fullscreen Resolution but black Frame around the screen.

    Hello, when I boot up my system, Chameleon doesn't display in Fullscreen but instead there is a black frame around the image. - The native resolution of my monitor (aka what I want): 1920x1080 - my graphics card: ZOTAC Geforce GTX 650 ZT-61002-10M - my monitor: Dell U2312HM I entered my...
  2. x0b

    Full resolution in Clover

    Hello, My system running on 10.10.1 with Clover v2.3k 3185: Core Quad Q6600 Gigabyte P35-S3G (non-UEFI) XFX 8800GT 8GB PC800 RAM LG 21:9 ULTRAWIDE 25UM65 (LSPCI info attached) My display has a native resolution of 2560x1080. I'm having some trouble getting full resolution in the boot...
  3. jv__filgueira

    [GUIDE] How to definitely get the grey Apple Boot-Up BLACK! Stretched boot's no more! (Hex Editing)

    Hey guys! I'm here to teach how get your grey Apple Boot Screen in BLACK! So, those guys who have a Graphics Card that don't have Vesa options to boot in the right resolution... You can make all the thing black with an Apple Logo in the center. It looks awesome! I spend like a month...
  4. wurpan

    Dell 2007FP "HackiMac" with Intel NUC DC3217IYE

    Description Lets start by saying that this building was not in any way planned, it is the result of having nothing to do in the late hours. There is room for improvement as I took whatever was available to get a proof of concept. The idea now is to fix shorter cables and possibly sleeve them to...