1. abishu

    Installation stuck at apple logo with progress bar

    I followed all the steps mentioned in MacOS Mojave installation guide and adjusted the bios settings also. But when I boot, I get stuck at apple logo with progress bar. I boot in verbose mode and I've attached the screenshot My build Intel i5 8400 Asus h370 prime plus Crucial mx300 250gb Corsair...
  2. F101E096-6C09-4A8A-914F-6347BED31783.jpeg


    My verbose Screen
  3. ahandy123

    Frozen error on Mojave Clover install/boot

    Can someone tell me what's happening in the image I attached? I have a skylake processor, More specifically a Lenovo Thinkcentre m800z with an i3-6100.
  4. jsnow805

    Mojave Install Stuck At Apple Logo, Help Needed. Intel 6700k GTX 1070 MSI Motherboard

    Hi I am having trouble with a fresh install of Mojave. After the clover splash screen only the apple logo is displayed without a progress bar. I have looked for quite some time and have not found any solutions. I took a picture of some text that pops up before clover as well as the output of...
  5. keys4mike96

    High Sierra - Getting Prohibited logo when booting to Mac OSX but able to boot into safe mode...

    Hey guys! I am in a bit of a bind this week. My computer has been running flawlessly, with little to no issues. Unfortunately, I assumed that clover updates were simply just updating the main aspects of the app, not actually removing a key aspect of the EFI for it to boot... This core aspect is...
  6. irmantask

    [HELP] Can't boot to OSX. Only safemode is working

    Hey, My BIOS settings: Bootable usb made with Unibeast (legacy). some "errors" when booting in verbose mode:
  7. bailsman

    Sierra randomly started crashing on start-up

    Hi everyone, Would really appreciate some help, a few weeks ago I added a new SSD to my windows partition. Everything was working fine for a few weeks until my Sierra partition (on a totally separate hard drive) started crashing at start-up, displaying some verbose mode like text. Any ideas...
  8. StevesMacFix

    Stuck booting from USB. Verbose boot images provided.

    Hello tonymacx86 community. This is my first hackintosh build. I am chipping away at the problems, and now stuck booting from clover. I initially didn't get this far and checked my BIOS settings so it let me get further into the installation process. However I am stuck here now. The...
  9. dumbwolf

    Help. Error allocating 0x1671a pages...

    Hey guys, so I was playing around with clover config and must’ve saved the wrong settings (rookie mistake). Now I’m booting into a black screen and getting the “error allocating 0x1671a pages 0x000...” text during verbose. Does anyone know what this means and if there’s a solution to the...
  10. milkywaymaps

    [Solved] Kexts/Drivers Not Allowing Boot. In Continuous Loop. Verbose Attached

    After the initial install I was able to boot in and everything was gravy. When I started using multibeast to install drivers is where everything went to 'ell. Ultimately I was able to still boot in using the boot args "nv_disable=1" & "-disablegfxfirmware" (I still have no clue what...
  11. Jenoah

    Stuck at installation procces

    Hi everyone, I am trying to make a Hackintosh (dual-boot) on my PC. I've made a bootable USB drive using UniBeast. According to UniBeast, this process was successful. Now, when trying to install, I get stuck at a certain part. When in Verbose and safe-mode, I get the following error...
  12. gzwart

    [SOLVED] Install stuck on progressbar High Sierra

    We are trying to install High Sierra, but it gets stuck after the following information when running in verbose mode: MAC Framework successfully initialized ACPI Warning: IOAPIC: Version 0x20 Vectors 64:111 GPE _L37 has no implementation (20160930/evgpeinit-465) ACPI Warning: GPE _L6B has no...
  13. Eykin

    I got the error "does printf work ??".

    Hi everyone, Recently I introduced my team to Sketch (an only macOSx design app). Unfortunately, I don't have an Apple Computer in my job, so I decided to make an Hackintosh. Everything gone well, until I start to install. First of all, my screen blocked to the Apple logo without progress bar...
  14. cowboyy98

    No Entry Sign or Restart Loop Installing High Sierra on Kaby Lake Hackintosh

    I build my first Hackintosh a little over two weeks ago and followed the build guide as well as installation guide down to the T provided from this site. I was able to install High Sierra from my USB to my 500gb SSD. It was all fun and games though until I used Multibeast and restarted the...
  15. 27md

    [Solved] gIOScreenLockState 3, hs 0, bs 0, now 0, sm 0x0

    when i try to boot it would keep loading the bar uner the apple logo and then stop moving when i checked verbose it says gIOScreenLockState 3, hs 0, bs 0, now 0, sm 0x0 as the last thing then it doesnt do anything how can i fix this i was missing around with drives using hfs pargon and...
  16. NinYagami

    [SOLVED] nVidia Graphics don't work in verbose mode

    Hi, I'm currently in post-installation phase working out the finer details of graphics problems. My laptop boots and has graphics acceleration, but I noticed that when booting in verbose mode, the nVidia Web drivers for the GTX 1060 don't start, as shown in comparing the two attached kextstat...
  17. Campanis

    [Solved] Sierra gets stuck at beginning of boot after working fine. Verbose Attached SOLVED

    I was watching a youtube video and the hackintosh crashed and now gets stuck at the boot screen. I will attach the verbose screen. Any information or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  18. lewisia

    Cannot boot into Sierra

    Hi everyone. New to this forum. I bought a hackintosh machine from somebody I used to know that built them for a hobby. Everything ran smooth and great until recently when Sierra did an update (not sure if it did it by itself or I clicked on the wrong thing). After it tried to update, now I...
  19. chrisklobke

    Stuck at apple logo

    Hey guys, I wanted to install MacOs Sierra with Unibeast on my first hackintosh. The creating of the boot stick went fine but when I select to boot in the clover menu to install MacOs it stucks at the apple logo. The Verbose shows only a few lines which say something like: ..Using reloc block...
  20. Campanis

    [Solved] Can't get to Sierra Installer. OsxAptioFixDriv

    cant get past the apple logo to the installer. Loaded in Verbose Mode got an error pertaining to OsxAptioFixDriv So I installed that driver with Clover Configurator. Then relaunched and got a different error that is pictured below. This is where I am stuck Any help is greatly appreciated